looking for a Delivery Health that uses actual Japanese girls

Discussion in 'Questions, Answers & Warnings' started by PluckyDuck, Mar 27, 2012.

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    so many seem to use fake pictures and try to pass off Korean and Chinese girls as Japanese. (noticeable either because of their look or accented Japanese). can some one recommend me a deli health that actually uses real japanese girls? supposedly Beauty Girls Collection (BGC) advertises real japanese girls.. but can't be too sure. anyone had some success with others?
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    Here are some helpful tips in identifying shops that provide non-Japanese girls:

    1) Transportation System -- If the shop does not charge a transportation fee for various parts of Tokyo, then this is a good indicator of a shop providing non-Japanese girls. Most all of the real Japanese delivery health shops have a information section that deals with transportation. It's usually an extra 1, 2 or 3,000 yen depending on the area.

    2) Types of Courses Offered -- As a general rule, regular Japanese shops do not offer the long-hour courses that you sometimes see on some of the sites where they provide non-Japanese girls.

    I will take some screenshots and post better examples later, but these are two easy ways to spot those non-Japanese shops.
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    the deli-places that offer Japanese girls often can be distinguished by:
    1. blurred faces and kind of (but not too) professional photographs.
    http://shogeki.net/shibuya/girl180.html and similar
    2. high cost (>25,000 / 90 min)
    3. deliver cost (they use drivers to deliver and pick up the girl)
    4. no FS, not even 'in private' after the girl is in the room

    and of course, the most obvious: no English website.

    One caveat is that most girls refuse to serve foreigners, even for those establishments that do not immediately hang up once you mention you are a foreigner. I was very lucky with one provider. I gave them a list with girls I was interested in, and they told me who would be okay with a foreigner. The girl we agreed on was a dream. Very natural, authentic, but as I expected no FS. But it was worth every yen.

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