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Lovel Hotel: Bali An - Shinjuku


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Jan 10, 2010
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This is one of those top tier love hotels that can be kind of expensive. I decided to try this one after a lady at our Japanese office talked about it. (I didn't tell her I did go...)

You can see from their website that they have a few locations to choose from but this post is specifically for the Shinjuku location right on the edge of what I would call 'korea town'.

When you walk-in the main entrance, it feels like you've left Japan and enetered another country. The smell, sounds and sites set your mind at ease before you have to grasp the cost of the room you choose. However, while you wait for your room, there are free drinks, darts and massage chairs that you can make use of during the waiting time.

The rooms themselves are quite nice and clean with the usual love hotel ameneties. The main bed is as expected, not the best but functional. They have a menu for food, which looked like food you'd get from Doutor. We didn't take avantage of all the services offered, but did note that there were quite a few services available.

There is a massage service on the first floor. I think that is done by reservation and you get some sort of discount if you stay overnight.

I've sent some pictures to the forum admins here to put up for this thread. The link for the exact hotel is 'Shinjuku Hoten' ( The main picture is very close to the room we stayed in. Sorry, they only have a Japanese site, but there's enough information there to figure things out.

Pictures to follow later.

Hope you enjoyed this review.
Thanks! I thought it was just my PC that was screwed up.
I don't usually post over here, but I just wanted to give my thumbs up about this hotel. I've been there at least three times in the last couple of years and love the atmosphere. Their massage service is top notch as well, can't complain about that one bit. Yes, it's somewhat expensive but worth it.
expensive. lol.
nice place, i have walked by there a time or two. will walk in there next time.
im used to 4-6,000 yen hotels for short stays, know what I mean?
may that is a good hotel for stay time.

thanks mark
Can anyone give directions, even roughly, or a map link or whatever to find this place. The "parking map" on their web site is unintelligible to me (since I don't read Japanese and it doesn't include any obvious landmarks I can guess at without reading). Any help appreciated.

Can anyone give directions, even roughly, or a map link or whatever to find this place. The "parking map" on their web site is unintelligible to me (since I don't read Japanese and it doesn't include any obvious landmarks I can guess at without reading). Any help appreciated.



Just open the following link of a Google map in English/Japanese, and the two Bali-An hotels in Shinjuku show up as A and C. Enjoy! It's a very nice place.

Thanks TS and Muku (your first post!?); I'll have no problems finding it from either of those maps.

Thanks TS and Muku (your first post!?);

Yeah, mostly a lurker on this board due to lack of time to enjoy the nightlife of late. Too much work and no play.

This board is a real treasure, though! And as I get back into it soon, I hope to provide some reviews/info of my own. I appreciate your 120 posts, Wwanderer!
My date and I spent last Saturday night at the Bali An in Shinjuku - not the one called "Island", the bigger (I think) one located just steps off Meiji Dori. Based on the glowing recommendations here, I had high expectations, but in my personal opinion I was seriously misled by the posters above because it was EVEN BETTER...REALLY SUPERB in fact! It is by far the best adult/couples/love/whatever-you-want-to-call-it hotel I've even visited (and that is a reasonably large number). My date agreed, btw.

So, I'd like to thank you all for the lead and for the help finding it (which was no trouble at all using the maps supplied by Muku1 and TS) as well as adding my endorsement to the others in this thread.

I hope there are, or soon will be, more such places out there. Please share if you know of any.

We took their top grade (I am fairly sure, based on the price list) room from 6pm through the night (10am check-out). And, *no*, we were not "active", or even awake, for that whole period! At 22yo she might have been capable of doing so, but not me...not at my age, not even close. The charge came to something around JPY40-45,000, but it appeared that you can also get rooms (which looked to be of the same general quality, just a bit smaller and with a few less features) for a bit under JPY10,000 for three hours of "rest", as they call it. Certainly not cheap by LH standards but, as Karen says, well worth it.

The only possible negative I noticed on my first time there (but not last!) is that the lobby is not set up *at all* to accommodate couples seeking privacy/anonymity for whatever the way that conventional LHs normally are. In particular, there are no screened/private spots to wait for a room to open up, and the front desk is just like one at a conventional hotel, i.e., staffed by several people with whom you interact face-to-face when choosing and purchasing a room. Moreover the lobby has two entrances, one facing directly onto a busy major street (Meiji Dori) and the other just off of it but still within clear sight. So, if you are concerned about being seen there or with your partner (neither a problem for me or mine personally), it might not be a good choice...a shame to have to miss it though. Anyway, if you do have such concerns, it is probably good to know the deal *in advance*, before you walk into the lobby and bump into your next door neighbor or whatever.

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lol.... nice review.

I've not been there in awhile, but I guess they still have the free drinks, massage chairs and pool table? Maybe darts too? I remember the lobby being very open and it felt like you were in a different country when you got inside.

Will have to make it a point to go by there again sometime.

they still have the free drinks, massage chairs and pool table? Maybe darts too?

Yes, all of those. Actually, I am not 100% sure I saw the darts or if it is the power of suggestion of your post...but definitely the first three.

I particularly liked the two massage chairs in our room (I'm not sure if there are two, or even one, in all rooms...but I'd guess so). This allows you and your partner to sit/recline side-by-side experiencing a fairly high level of physical pleasure without even touching one another, a nice warm-up exercise, so to speak.

Our room also had a small (but big enough for two) sauna. We didn't give it a try, but it allows the option of experiencing Bali-like weather to further enhance the place's theme as well as providing another opportunity for pleasure sharing (if you are into saunas).

Oh, I remembered one other negative of the place - quite a lot of street noise (construction, sirens, general traffic) even though we were on the 8th floor. It is probably worse on the lower floors.

This wouldn't be much of an issue if you are taking a room just for a three hour "rest", but if you are spending the night, it was loud enough to disturb our sleep a bit, once we had a couple of hours of deep, exhausted snoozing immediately post-coital. Taking a room on the side of the building away from Meiji Dori would probably help a good bit, but it didn't occur to me/us to ask about that at check-in.

Bali An! Yeah! That's a great love hotel.
And you know what? They opened in Osaka, too.