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Dec 29, 2012
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I recently had a session with Lui and unfortunately, it wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be.

She is tall, voluptuous, and speaks fluent English and Japanese. Our conversation was mostly in English... when we managed to talk. I'll explain more on that later. She has shoulder length black hair, C-cup breasts, long legs and is shaved below. Quite tall for a Japanese. Face is quite normal; pretty, everyday Japanese. She is young; I guess around 25 or so. The pictures of her on the website are accurate.

She came to the hotel and was nice enough, but I guess we didn't click. No chemistry. I guess she is new, so she was very passive. Did not like to kiss, did not hug, did nothing but wait for me to initiate everything. I helped her out of her clothes and had to ask her to do the same for me. She sat on the sofa and when I asked her to sit on my lap, she did but did nothing. Just sat on my hard-on which was constrained by my pants. Did not remark, grin, move her hips, rub, lean down to kiss me, put her hands on my chest, or anything. Just... sat.

Shower was uneventful. Literally. She took care of herself and... let me soap myself up.

In bed, she was a unemotional. I had to initiate the hug, then moved to lie down. No kissing unless I started, but even then just touching lips. No feeling. I had an erection, which she noticed, but she didn't move to do anything -- no stroking or touching. Asked her for a blowjob finally, which she agreed but with a cover on. CBJ was ok, very mechanical but with right sucking motion. It got on long so I flipped her over and started DATY, which went on for a long time. She must have liked it because she got wet, but again lay there. Moved on to MS and entered her; was nice and lubricated but again, no feeling -- was like doing a blow up doll. She wanted it slow so I obliged. Came in her and I was done. No more interest to continue on.

Though her English is fluent, she can't hold a conversation. Periods of awkward silence.

Definitely not one of my memorable sessions. I would not repeat. I would say that we just didn't have the right chemistry and I wasn't her type, so again, YMMV. If you like to take charge and direct her in everything (like an AV movie director) then I guess it'll be fun, but I am the type that likes mutual feedback from the girl in a session.
Again your chance to let Dave the manager know so it can be passed on. If you are not satisfied let him know. I believe he will work with you on the issues.
Thanks for the review. Some Japanese women are super-passive this way - she might just be getting started in the industry. Neither of those are an excuse for such a bad session though.