Massage by Chinese/Taiwannese Girls


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Dec 6, 2011
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I have read a few posts related to this topic but old ones so Im going to write a fresh new thread to update information.

Im a guy who likes nightlife, wildlife, clubbing. So I know the streets faily well.

How to find these places? Most entertainment places are altogether and its easy to find them because of being surrounded by Snacks and Pubs. Paying money to talk to girls kinda sucks to me so I dont enter such buildings. Anyways...Massages by Chinese Girls places are most commonly between these clubs.

Chinese Girls ethnicity is a bit different from Japanese. If you can find the difference good for you. Their clothing is a bit different as well, most of these girls dont spend money for their drawers as they came to "work", save and return.

When you walk around Roppongi, some Chinese Girls are just standing with their shoulder bags, those are not for massages. People dont just stand in one place to do nothing. That is how you spot them.

Massage girls on the other hand, may just surprise you instead. They just come from behind and grab your hand or arm and ask if you want massage.


Usual fees are 3.000Y for 30mins and 6.000Y and up for over an hour. It all depends on location. Sometimes certain places may charge you with 10.000Y and include hand job. In my experience those girls do tell you right away before entering their place (make sure of that). I do not recommend you pay more than that.

You might be desperate to change the oil, but they are more desperate to get some bucks.

For instance if the massage costs 6.000Y and nearly the end they offer you the "extra" service. Most of them will say its an "extra" 10.000Y. They are abusing you.

Also have in mind that in some places, with that 10.000Y you CAN actually have intercourse (Kawasaki/Hachioji).

So... as I was saying above someplaces do include the handjob with 10.000Y ...when negotiating prices, remember this.

Most of the time, I do actually go for massages only as I spend a lot of time in front of a computer and dont really want the handjob. So I said no, no, no many times before.

You should try to say no at first. You will internally enjoy how they ball down. My best record is the handjob offer by only 4.000Y. Which I didnt take but was going to be done with two girls, not just the one who gave me massages.

First time she said 10.000Y at once.
I said I really have to go, so she dropped to 9.000Y
No, really I have to be somewhere else. How about 8.000Y?
She will touch you several times so you agree. But really...I have to go. She will insist 7.000Y.

Said nothing. So she went to call her partner and together they said 6.000Y and we do it for you together.

Mmmm...dont know... Now 5.000Y now now now...

Very interesting offer but... Alright 4.000Y!!!

Last time I said no. She resigned.

I cant tell you if the quality service would drop as well but... for a handjob... you shouldnt really be paying much.

There was this place I liked to go because the staff girls were really good and cute as well, but after the Tsunami-Earthquake they all freaked out and returned.

If the girl insist you to come every weekend...she will be very persisting.

Then you can say: Yeah 10.000Y, Ichi-man for massages, touches, kisses, they show you nipples, let you touch them and lick them its a fairly good price when it ends with a handjob from you.


There are places that for 10.000Y girls get naked, you can touch them all you want (as long as dont have long sharp nails), kissing and 69 ^^.

So... in one place Ichi-man gets me a blowjob and you for the same money a handjob...

If you have talked this out well with good timing and nice speech, she may give you a blowjob too. Oh now that I have remembered, some of these girls are from Taiwan. But their language is still nearly the same, as they all say to speak chuugoku-go.

Of course...If you had really paid attention to what I said before.... with 10.000Y you CAN have intercourse in some places and its practically the same offer in the sense of cute young ladies.

So make your choice of what you want to do with your 10.000Y Ichimanyen. Handjob, Blowjob or Sex. Yeah...having to pay sucks... but in hard times...
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Keiji thanks for your post it was really helpful.
But there is one question that i want to ask.
Where can you have intercourse for 10.000yen?? I'm looking but there is only hipness that offers a low price.
I cant tell you if the quality service would drop as well

After nearly four decades of mongering in all sorts of venues and modes, all over the world, up-market and down-market, I can answer that question:

Yes, the quality of the service you receive will suffer...A LOT, at least in general. (Where people are involved there are some exceptions to every rule and pattern.)

And really, it is obvious and easy to guess the answer without any actual mongering experience. What is the chance that she will be anxious to please you to the best of her ability if you are giving her the bare minimum amount of money for which she considers worth doing it...not to mention implicitly insulting her sexual attractiveness? Would that affect your attitude if you were selling someone a service?

The 10.000Y intercourse place I used to go was in Hachioji. There is a diagonal street at the left side from North exit that passes by near the Square. Head to the Nagasakiya building which is white and red. Turn left. You should already be finding guys advertising entertainment with high banners. Walk around until you see Chinese/Korean girls young and pretty. There is a MC Donald's nearby.