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Jul 30, 2010
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Visiting Tokyo next week and some online research led me here..thanks for all the information; been really educational!

I didnt find any information on TMS - Tokyo Massage Service. Seem to have outcall services, with proper massage, and lots of ++ options.

ANy one tried it? Worth it?
Thanks for the help.
yup, they are outcall service. Depending on yr idea of proper massage.
and yes, they do provide "extra services , however, it's depends on the packages u take.
i have tried them twice.Service is average.
Thanks for the review! Been trying to sort out logistics this week, and ended up screwing up the whole thing. Had Hiromi (AM), then didnt confirm in time. Tried to arrange TMK, didnt work out..and TMS is now looking less than likely given your so-so review. Ah well...Tis another time till the tokyo experience is complete...