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NH Mayumi Harukaze (Hayakawa Sumire), Newhalf, Club Diamond, Shinjuku - A Story & Review

Discussion in 'Esute/Pink Salon/Massage Reviews' started by cambri, May 13, 2018.

  1. cambri

    cambri TAG Member

    Oct 26, 2015
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    Jan 3, 2019
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    Service and/or Provider's Name:
    Club Diamond (Shinjuku)

    Date of Encounter:
    November 27 2017

    Contact Method:
    http://www.diamond-nh.com/, Phone

    Appointment Length & Costs:
    120 Minutes - ¥ 32,000 [~$292] (Soapland Course)

    Shop Location in Shinjuku, room was in the shop.

    Language Notes:
    Basic English with the techno, broken Japanese and minimal English with Mayumi

    Details of the Encounter:
    Just as a heads up, this is both a story and a review.

    This one is one for the memory banks, not because of how mind blowing it was, but because of how bizarre the day seemed. This took place a few months ago. Sorry for the delay here but the information should still be accurate. Long intro before we get to the juicy stuff, but I think the context here is important.

    After a week+ of not a single orgasm (sharing an hotel room with friends), I decided to make a "full-ball" decision. I knew I had to book a session at a Newhalf shop, mostly because I feel like it's a bit rare to play with sexy MtF trans women. Club Diamond seemed like a great choice since it had been on my bucket list since I first visited Japan.

    With maybe two hours of sleep, I stopped into a random caffè in Shibuya for WiFi at about 8AM. It looked like it came out of a David Lynch film, if he shot something in Tokyo. Completely surreal, and notably large (relative for Tokyo). The decor was dated and bizzare, weird beige curtains, ripped up seats. Most importantly, it was completely empty, to the degree I didn't even see any staff when I walked in. Probably a Yakuza money laundering front, ha. I remember shaking my head laughing at the $8 cup of hot tea that seemed like the same kind of hot tea you'd get from a vending machine right outside. The waitress' uniform seemed like something of parody in terms of her attire and dead eye look. I spent four hours in here, mostly because I needed to recover myself, feeling exhausted from sleep deprivation.

    It took me awhile to decide on what/who I wanted. After a recommendation from the user Tabanico on here for Mayumi, I made the reservation online for the first time she was in. Next I just had to wait for the time to leave. By killing time, I watched some videos Mayumi made for ShemaleJapan on my laptop with the sound off. I don't watch porn in public but I had to laugh since it only added to how surreal the whole thing felt. As I waited, the large windowless room started filling up with a few presumably office workers, probably stopping in for a lunch break. I kept refreshing my email waiting for a confirmation... only to realize I accidentally booked the session next day (and not today). Fuck! I had to call the shop (something I was specifically hoping to avoid doing).

    In a hushed voice I spoke to the techno, explaining the situation, telling him my info, apologizing, etc. Time passes, I figure I'm fucked since he goes silent for a long time. Suddenly he asks me everything about course information I specified. One of my favorite memories was answering his question of "Do you want to fuck her, or do your want her to fuck you, or do you want to fuck each other?" How are you supposed to answer that in public? Well being sleep deprived me, I stupidly spoke a lot louder than I wanted to. I remember hearing my own voice echoing a bit of the lewd answers to his questions before I got much more hushed. I looked around, no one looked over to me, but that's the Japanese way, am I right? No doubt if someone was listening in on my phone call and spoke decent enough English, the rest of the conversation would have been obvious what I was calling about. Couldn't wait to get out of there by this point as it filled up with cigarette smoke.

    I pack up my laptop and get out of there. Killed some more time by buying a cheap fishnet outfit in Don Quijote. I show up a bit early to the shop since timed the trains better than I expected. The shop has a "fake" entrance and the real entrance, where the fake entrance looks like a Chinese restaurant. Fuck it - no shame, went down the real entrance and rang the door bell. Was greeted thy the techno I spoke to earlier. Really nice guy but unintentionally made me laugh. Once again in the room he told me the course details, then asked me again: "Do you want to fuck her and have her fuck you yes?" - Smiling after giving it some thought on the train I said "Actually, maybe I just fuck her..."

    Time passes after he leaves. The room is quietly playing English Christmas songs since it's the end of November and I remember how much Japanese society loves at least the holiday concept of Christmas. I sort of sit there, sipping on the bitter room temperature tea on the table until Mayumi shows up. Super kawaii~ 100% passable as a female but perhaps not an overtly feminine figure. Voice is cute too but I think can sometimes sound slightly forced-feminine if that makes sense? Small breasts, precious overall look. We exchange borderline broken Japanese pleasantries. We get the bit of awkward payment bit out of the way and she leaves the room as I undressed a bit.

    I presented the fishnet body outfit to her as we were getting undressed. It was at that point I realized communication was going to be an issue. Rather than trying to speak any broken English, or simple Japanese, Mayumi gestured with her hands and made simple sounds. This was cute at first but tiring as it went on. This type of communication basically lasted for the rest of the session. I also made sure to show her I had Google Translate open if she needed to communicate something (or vice versa), but with the exception of the first ten minutes, it never came up again and was never used (not a good thing imo).

    I emphasized some of the play I wanted. For instance I asked her for us to both be eager and perverted in Japanese (confirmed the kanji weeks before the trip). She nodded yes. Did the same thing with translated text letting her know I had an armpit fetish. Same nodding response. This happened while she was setting up the mat and supplies for the soapland course so it was a bit of a mix of "let me let her do her thing" and "wait I need to tell you what I'm looking for before we start!"

    So spoilers for this story, but the "Soapland" session here was the absolute highlight of the show. The soapland session included her getting her naked body on top of mine while I laid down on a inflatable gray mat (kinda like something you'd use for a pool party if you've never seen them). She showered me down with hot water and soap just about everywhere. Very intimate feeling~ I initiate kissing, but she doesn't french-kiss/make-out at all. This was a huge letdown for me since passionate kissing is something I absolutely need. While writing this review I watched a JAV she starred in under her new name. She did the same thing to the male actor in it! He had to tell her to open her mouth and give out her tongue, and even then she was not enthusiastic to do it. So in retrospect I don't take it as offense that she didn't want to kiss me specifically, seems like just a thing for her. Regardless, a let down.

    She began to wash herself down with the showerhead, but before she got to her armpits, I asked if it was okay to lick them. As I did, she strangely moaned very loud - like obscenely fake loud? It didn't seem like I was tickling her, and even if I was, those were moans of pleasure... not squirming laughing sounds. I was surprised by her reaction, it also didn't seem authentic in any way. I think she confused my request so we didn't have any armpit play after that.

    Session continues with her using the showerhead. Eventually she picks up a big plastic "bucket" of hot oil/slime. Yes, really don't know how else to describe it. It's slime in its "texture", clear, and very hot. It felt incredible to have poured on me and rubbed into my skin, all while her naked body is grinding on my leg and crotch with the same substance. She grinds on me, sometimes using the safety metal bars installed in the wall to grab onto and leverage herself. I'll never forget the feeling of her smooth oily legs running up and down the length of my ass - felt better than most rimjobs I've had. At some point she slips a condom on my hard cock and she goes to ride me.

    Now, again, I've been sleep deprived for over a week, haven't cum in over a week, so everything that's happening here to me feels sometimes borderline dream-like. You know the unclear feeling if you've personally gone without good sleep for a long time. I'm in no way in a sober and "normal" state of mind. Now to add to that, everything I'm describing right now is sudden happening to the music of Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You, blasting through the tinny speakers above us.

    In what I hope is just impeccable coincidental timing, when the song first begins to pick up at around the 0:50 second mark, without it particularly dawning on me, she slides my (condom covered) cock into her, in perfect sync with the music. Judging by her facial expression while she was doing it, it didn't seem like she was intentionally trying to sync that experience to the music, or that she even knew the song. Her face quickly changed into "oh fuck" mode as I bottomed out inside of her to the banging drums of the track, and I smile at the madness of the world. At this point I needed to take a moment to let it all sync in. Just where I was in life, the and sureness of what was happening. Didn't have much time to really reflect as she quickly started riding me and grinding me.

    What was easily the best feeling/sensation I've experienced, her slick oily body grinding against mine while we fucked was bliss. I, to this day, have no clue how did didn't manage to cum from this. It was incredibly "sweet" and heavenly to (let's call a spade a spade) fuck this literal slimy newhalf and stroke her hard cock to Mariah. Merry fucking Christmas.

    This play continues for quite a bit until I think she begins to tire out. At some points before we leave the mat, I explore more of her body with my hands, we frot our cocks together and stroke them, etc. Attempting to sit up on the mat and move around I'm basically sliding all over the place like crazy and can't keep steady from the slick slime everywhere. It was fun, but definitely didn't make me look cool. With facial expressions and hand gestures she emphasizes that my cock is really too big (FWIW, I'm 7" in length) and we laugh at what is literally a game of prostitution charades between us. I really would have been happier if she just used broken English or suggested we use Google Translate, but oh well.

    Before we move to the bed, she needs to clean up the mat and other things. This... takes a lot longer than it should have. Watching her wash down the mat and put little misc. items away at a deliberately slow pace. This probably took 10-15 minutes, so at minimum if you want to approach this mindset, I spent $24.33 to watch her wash down a gray mat with water and fiddle with the lights in the room. And by "lights" I mean there was a strange purple light bulb on the floor. She kept placing her white shirt on it in various positions to change the overall diffuse look and how much light is actually coming from the bulb. This goes on longer than it should have, but I don't know the Japanese to communicate that she shouldn't worry about it. I keep saying "it's fine" (daijobu) whenever she picks up the shirt and places it down onto the light in a different method. This strangely stuck with me, as it felt like she was purposely eating up time in the session with this. Plus, again, it's was a pretty surreal image/experience.

    Specific details from this point on get a bit blurry sadly. We move to the bed, again she does not want any french-kissing. Awkward pecks and me licking her lips expecting her to open her mouth. I suck her hard cock and remind myself for a second time that I'm actually not a fan of sucking dick. With a new condom, I fuck her on her back. I ask in Japanese if she's okay, since she does have the sometimes stereotypical Japanese "moans that sound like you're actually in pain" moan. She's an absolute pro at getting fucked as it turns out. Conveying to me to fuck her harder. It was incredibly hot to just let go and not worry, conveying to me it felt incredible. It felt hot to get into the mindset of "I'm using her ass to get myself off and I'm going to cum so hard inside her." I begin to moan and dirty talk some English that she can't understand (and that I won't repeat here) as I know I'm getting closer and want to enjoy myself as much as I can. I tell her I'm going to cum and begs me between high pitched moans to cum inside of her. I still think about this because it feels so so good to cum inside her ass, even of course despite having a condom on. Holding onto the base of the condom as I slowly pull out, as we catch our breath we both smile and marvel at the amount of cum in the condom.

    We take a break and sip some water. She surprises me with drinking water and kissing me, pushing out the water from her mouth into mine. It really caught me off-guard. She eventually leaves the room to go put on the fishnet outfit. When she comes back in, the sight of her wearing it didn't take long for me to get hard and ready again. She moves to give me a BBBJ and some ball play. I mentioned on the course details that I was also interested in receiving rimming (and considering she washed my ass on the mat very thoroughly, I figured this is where it would be happening). However it never did. She moved on top of me to caress my body and lick & flick my nipples while I stroked my cock. It was definitely hot and enjoyable, but in retrospect, I don't like paying money to be with a service girl and cum by jerking myself off. Despite that, her eye contact was great here (previously during all our sex it was awful). Laying down on the bed with this sexy girl caressing me and playing with my nipples I look up to notice there's a mirror on the ceiling. The sight of her on my body was was sincerely hot. We made eye contact in the mirror as we both looked up. I now understand why people have mirrors on the ceiling. I continued jerking off to the sight of her as she sucked and kissed my nipple, and eventually came on her upper thigh.

    The session dwindled off a bit - there being about 20-15 minutes left. I asked her if she wanted to cum which she said no to. Session ends with some light caressing and communicating with playful facial expressions and hand gestures before we get dressed. She asks if the fishnet outfit is a gift and despite not thinking this far ahead about it one way or the other, I tell her it is. She walks me out the door and I somehow manage to not hit my head on the way out, marveling at my ability to have not even realized the low support beams when I first walked in. She walks me to the door of the shop in the basement and bows thanking me and asking me to come again. I realize I'm out the door with technically ten minutes still left of my session. In my experience, ending the session early like that is not good.

    I slowly climb the stairs and walk the sidewalk, wondering where my adventure was going to be next, still in a head-dizzying state of sleep deprivation.

    Final Thoughts:
    Recommended, Will not Repeat.

    Closing Comments:
    Mayumi is great at getting fucked, is more than passable as female, and can get hard if that's what you want from a Newhalf girl. But the lack of good communication, eye contact while having sex, and her not enjoying making out is not going to have me come back to her for another session. However, the soapland course in this shop is incredible, to the degree that I'm probably going to come back just to experience it again with someone else.
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