Megumi (メグミ) Of Asian Feeling

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Jun 22, 2014
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Title: Megumi (メグミ) of Asian Feeling

Date/Time: July 2014 (early afternoon)
Provider: Megumi (メグミ)
Contact Info:
Type/Location: Shinjuku (Kabukicho), 東京都新宿区歌舞伎町1-18-1 藤田ビル5F shinjuku-ku kabuki-cho 1-18-1 Fujita-buiding 5F.
Language Specifics: Spoke half-decent English. Enough to hold a conversation.
Session Length/Fee: 60 minute oil massage / 10000円 (1000 yen off for first time visit)
Physical Description: Big boobs. Curvy with nice features. Matches her pictures. Possibly in her late 20s/early 30s.
Details: This was my first time ever visiting a place like this and the overall experience was a good one. The place was easy to find since it's a three minute walk from the JR East Exit. Also, I had Google Maps, so yeah.

The guy at the front desk was super friendly and told me I'd be waiting ten minutes. I didn't get to pick the girl and I didn't bother asking. There was only one other person in the rooms who was leaving shortly after I was taken to my room. The room was clean and a nice size. A few minutes later Megumi came in wearing a one-piece dress. We introduced ourselves and she helped me undress. Since it was my first time I was nervous, but by the time we entered the shower I was fine. She washed me down and paid particular attention to certain areas.

We went back into the room and had me lay on my stomach. Her English was half decent and I tried to speak in some Japanese (she's Thai like all of the girls there). Personality wise Megumi is very bubbly and cute and smiles a lot. Definitely looks like she's enjoying herself. We talked a lot about being foreigners in Japan and she asked me a lot of questions about what I do, what I like, etc. Eventually she poured some oil on my back and then had me turn around. She oiled my parts and finished me off with her hand which was really messy and sloppy. She was still fully dressed but let me touch her chest over her dress after I told her that she had really big boobs. I didn't bother trying anything else. After I finished, she cleaned me up and she washed me off again. We chatted for a bit and I got dressed. She gave me her card. What a sweet girl.

Recommendation: Definitely. Especially for a first time visit.
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