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Miki and the Love Hotel


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Jul 29, 2011
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This is another review for Miki of AM (Osaka). I've been meaning to post this for some time now, but things keep coming up. Anyway, better late than never. This is *very* long, and I (and others) have reviewed Miki before, so if you just want a quick read to hear how she is, you can look at some of the other reviews here. In a nutshell, she totally rocks my world, I think she'll do the same for you, and there you have it. If you want to hear what I learned from my first LH experience (and various other lessons), read on.

The appointment
I booked entirely via email. Nina was the AM "operator" who answered most of the emails. I asked about an overnight, because my recovery time is long, and I like the second round best if I'm fully recovered. Maybe more importantly, I think spooning with Miki through the night would be soooo nice :)

Miki smokes, though she never has around me, but I thought she might not want to do an overnight in a non-smoking hotel room, so I offered to meet her at a LH. I really dislike smoking, but Miki is the one girl I'd make an exception for.

I got up the next morning to find an email from Nina saying it's all set. I had mixed feelings, but then I started to get excited, because the thought of waking up curled around Miki seems really enticing. Imagine my disappointment when I received an email later that day saying oops, Miki can't do an overnight, but if I want to book a long session, she knows a good LH. I still don't know what went wrong there, but clearly, there was some sort of communication disconnect. Anyway, I said okay, let's do 4 hours. I received an email later telling me to meet her near a particular subway exit.

The meeting spot
The day before the appt, I went out in search of the meeting spot. I wanted to be sure I could find it, and that I knew how much time I'd need to get there. I finally found it (Osaka underground can be challenging!), and noticed the drug store nearby. Having just read about the thinnest/best condoms, I stopped in to buy some.

I found the condoms and was looking them over when a very attractive woman walked past, turned and locked eyes with me, and smiled suggestively. Wow! I continued to peruse the condom shelf, but I noticed that she looked back at me and smiled several times as she approached the checkout.

I felt a little awkward, looking at condoms as this beautiful woman seemed to be flirting with me, which is really odd. You'd think that I'd be right there, but it put me off balance a bit. I hurriedly selected a box and headed to the counter as she was walking out.

As I paid, I saw her walk into a business across the way, glancing back at me and smiling one last time as she entered. As I walked out, my curiosity got the better of me, and I walked by the business: it was a massage place. Everything made sense then. It's not that I'm a super stud who can pick up beautiful woman without uttering a word; it's that she's a sex worker! Damn!

When I got back to my hotel room, I opened the package to discover that I hadn't purchased condoms at all: they were flavored lubricants in condom-sized packets. I was so befuddled by the beatiful girl in the drug store that I misinterpreted the label. Hmmm... never tried them before, but since I can't imagine trying to return such a thing, guess I'll keep them and give it a go with Miki :)

The meet
I arrived a little early, and stopped into the drug store again to get some actual condoms. Miki always has her own, but I wanted to try the "recommended" ones. With 10 minutes to go, I found an unobtrusive spot to stand, off to the side of the subway exit, and there I waited. Miki showed up almost right to the minute on schedule. She smiled and said hello, gestured toward the exit, and we were off.

There were two sets of stairs. She hesitated for a moment before choosing, and I followed, maybe 2 steps behind her, and a little off to her side. I'd never seen her from this angle before. She was wearing high heels and thin, tight pants. She has slender, shapely calves, and smooth, slim thighs that join into a firm and curvy derriere. I marveled at how graceful she was in her heels, and I smiled at the thought of what was ahead. What a beautiful girl!

When we topped the stairs, she looked around for a moment before choosing the direction. She seemed to be concentrating intently as we walked along, and then we rounded the corner and she gestured questioningly toward the LH door. I smiled and nodded, and we entered.

The LH
The lobby was small, but well lit and nicely appointed. Another couple was standing at a video screen opposite the elevators, choosing a room, and we queued up behind them. A 50-ish woman, obviously a hotel employee, stood to the side, waiting. This surprised me, as I'd read that LH's are very discreet, that you never see any staff. Obviously, that's not always true.

When the other couple finished, we stepped up to the display. Miki tapped the screen, and the two remaining rooms were displayed. I couldn't read most of the description, but there were two prices: 6250 and 10250 (I think). Miki looked at me questioningly, but my language skills were not up to this. I tried to tell her that I want a room with a large bath. The hotel lady looked on impatiently as the couple behind us fidgeted and shuffled, obviously wanting us to finish up and move on. Miki quickly chose, and grabbed the slip that came out below the display. The hotel lady walked us to the elevator, bowing as the doors closed.

The room was very nice. It had tile flooring, a nice wet bar that included a vending machine with various "toys", a large screen tv, a couch with a coffee table, and a king-sized bed. The bath area was large, with a nice jacuzzi that is just large enough for two adults who want to get intimate. There were various bath powders in packets, and a shower along side the tub. Miki started the water.

As the tub slowly filled, we opened a bottle of wine and sat on the couch. Miki picked up the remote and turned on the tv, which displayed a porn channel. She looked questioningly at me, but I nodded no - not my thing. She turned off the tv. As she sipped her wine, I was struck by how luscious this girl looks. As I leaned in to kiss her, she set down her glass and enthusiastically took me in her arms and kissed me. Wow! This girl is amazing!

After a few empassioned moments, Miki pointed toward the bath and said "ikimasho". I nodded, and we stood up, undressed, and went to the jacuzzi, which was quite full. Miki turned off the water, chose a soap packet, poured it in, and turned on the jets. The foaming was instantaneous. We climbed in, and within moments, the tub was overflowing with suds. We were laughing like children, scooping soap suds over the side of the tub, into the shower drain. Fun! We let a little water out and finally got the suds under control, and then she looked at me and kissed me. Oh, man!

Her glistening breasts were peeking out of the suds. They were so inviting that I ignored the soapy taste as I lightly licked her nipples in turn. She has implants, but it's the best job I've ever seen. Just beautiful. It wasn't long before I was ready to move to the bed. We got out of the tub and rinsed each other off with the shower, kissing and caressing all the while. It was difficult to let go of her long enough to walk to the bed.

The gel
I stopped on the way to the bed, and got out the lubricants, showing them to her. I explained as best I could in broken Japanese that I bought them by mistake, and asked if she wanted to try them. There were 6 different kinds, 4 flavors, and two "sensations". She smiled. We started with cherry, which I used to gently massage her clit. She was moaning enthusiastically as I tasted the lubricant on her clit (not bad at all!), and it wasn't long before she peaked. "Sugoi! Arigato gozaimasu!". I think she liked it :)

I won't bore you with a 4 hour blow by blow (pun?), but I will tell you about this: I had opened the strawberry gel, and she was gently stroking me and kissing me as I sat on the bedside. She got up on her knees, and while stroking me and looking soooo passionately at me, she leaned down, open-mouthed, kissed me vigorously, and then rose again upright. She did this over and over. She'd get this look in her eyes, her mouth would open, her tongue would raise slightly, and she would swoop down toward me. As she increased the pace, I couldn't believe the look in her eyes, the luscious kisses, the rising excitement... and then, sensing the inevitable, she took me in her mouth. Oh my god! It only took a few strokes to finish me off. She looked up at me smiling, and said "oishii!"

The shock
Several hours later, Miki was using the toilet when the phone started ringing. I waited for her to come out and pick it up. The transformation was amazing: from a sexy dynamo to a quiet, demure, and ever so polite J-girl, just like that! Her tone was so different than I'd ever heard, and I was curious about what she was saying, but at the same time I was turned on by this new side of her. That all ended when she hung up, looking perplexed.

With my limited Japanese skills, I'm sure I missed some of the meaning, but the gist is that we stayed too long, and that we have to pay the "stay" charge. 16500Y. This was a shock. I was expecting to pay 10K or so at the most. Luckily, I had enough cash with me. It wasn't her fault, but this was unexpected. Take a lesson: make sure you know what you are agreeing to when you check in.

The walk back
We dressed quickly, and opened the door to leave. The room door opens into a sort of sally port where there is a vending machine that controls the lock on the hallway door. Not sure what would happen if you didn't have the money, but anyway, I paid, and the hallway door unlatched. The lobby was empty as we exited the elevator and left the LH.

Once outside, we walked back to subway. I wondered when we would part. My hotel was a 15 minute walk from there, and as it turned out, Miki needed to walk to the station near my hotel, and she said we could walk together through the subway. I saw a few girls looking Miki up and down, and then looking at me, but she didn't seem to notice. We chatted the entire way, and she laughed with delight as I joked with her. I asked if she would be available again in 2 days, and looking surprised, she said that she would. Awesome!

I never expected her to walk me back to the station, and I have to say that this experience was almost as enjoyable as the sex. When we got there (which seemed all too soon), she turned and pointed at the ticket gates. I knew that this was where we would part. I promised to contact AM for arrangements as soon as I got back to my hotel. She stepped up, put her arms around me and kissed me passionately, and I was so surprised! It was totally unexpected. She didn't care about the people looking at us, and neither did I. What a beautiful girl! What an amazing kiss!

I walked away, light-hearted, and needless to say, I contacted AM as soon as I got back to my hotel, and within just a few minutes, I received the confirmation email. Even recounting this now brings a smile to my face :)

The lessons
Many lessons learned from this experience, several of them communication-related. Not sure what happened with the overnight mix-up, but I suspect it was a language issue between Nina and Miki.

Second, the cost of the room was a shock. I should have spent some time doing my own LH research. I think we could have gotten a nice room for less, although most LH's seem to have two options: 2 hours, or all night.

Third, you gotta try flavored lubricants: they're great fun! The "sensation" ones are interesting too; Miki *really* liked the "tingling" one :)

And last but not least, Miki is my ATF, and she might just be yours too.

So, this is a *very* long review, but I hope you found it informative and entertaining.
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Thanks for the review! Sounds like you relived the experience in your description! So, did you go back to see her again?

What's the link to the website if I may ask?

Do you speak good Japanese? That's the part that prevents me from making a move.
Great write up, Kitsune! Thanks for taking the time.

I have also spent some time with Miki and agree with Kitsune....Miki is a great choice in Osaka.
@SOAP: I did see her again, and with luck, will do so again soon. OTOH, when it's that good, I find it's best to pace myself :). Re: Japanese, some days are better than others. I'm not fluent by any means, just know some basic conversational stuff. Miki speaks very little English, but other reviews note that lack of Japanese skill is no problem with her, and it's certainly not a problem with other AM girls ( Go ahead and jump!

@User#1832: I was looking for Durex extra sensitive. The only durex box they had was "play", and that turned out to be flavored lube. I finally bought crown skinless. Okay, I guess, but no question that you are wearing something.
Miki's a lot of fun. For some reason I thought she spoke decent English, but maybe my Japanese is better than I thought.

Love hotels have different pricing structures depending on time of day. The later it is at night, the more likely you have to pay the 'stay' price. It's probable that because you were there for 4 hours, you might have paid both the 'rest' and the 'stay' price. Were you just looking for a love hotel experience, or had other reasons for being discreet? When I saw Miki I just had her come to my hotel room. Most major hotel chains are girl-friendly, and I'm sure AM will tell you if they aren't.
kitsune, thanks for the review. you should write erotic novel ! :)