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More Western Style Massage, W Or W.o. Happy Ending


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Jan 3, 2014
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So there is no shortage of simple massage places. And compared to home they are generally at least a bit cheaper. But it seems here I can go in to a place and have girls working 1 day, and a guy the next not too much of a big deal I guess. What is though, is the type of massage. Clothes on and pressure points. Is there any place that offers a massage that's more rub oriented, instead of pressure point oriented? Furthermore, like I guess oil would be good, as Well as at least partially unclothed? That's the type of massages I'm used to back home. I'm not opposed to paying a bit more for it, although, cheaper is always better. Since I am partially unclothed though, I prefer females. And then, that brings me to the next point.....good massage, with or without happy ending, both are okay I guess, but more so for the massage, a happy ending would just be a bonus.

I don't really know where else to ask.
Parlor Club is pretty overpriced for a massage with happy ending (compared to, say, Asian Feeling), and I don't know how well-trained any of those girls are.