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My recent experiences with AM girls : Bruna, Ai & Hiromi


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Mar 20, 2012
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Hi all,

so as I've been recently in Tokyo 2 weeks ago, I took the opportunity to spend so good time with some AM girls :

Bruna : at first, I was supposed to meet Hiromi but things changed (AM told me that her period came earlier...). Anyway, as I was horny ^^, I told them that I'd met Bruna for 2 hrs with the greek option = 50K
She arrived a little bit late but the view of this gorgeous bomba made me forget everything. She's all a latin girl can be : lot's of curves well located (what an ass!!), very nice and easy going...
So after the usaual small talk : shower time. Quickly, she started to rub her ass on me, which gave me the signal that the happy time was starting.
About the session itself : good kisser, BBBJ, a few positions (DS and CG were my favorite with her). About the greek, she simply lubbed her ass while I was DS her and she guided me there. Damn!!!
After the first pop, we had a few rest and talk then started again.
To sum up : very great time, that I would qualified as a porn star experience...I'd higly recommend her.

Ai : It was my second time with her (last time was a threesome) and I must confess that I really appreciated her. If like me you were looking for a "japanese girl next door" experience, she might be an excelent choice.
She arrived precisely on time, and as usual, we had a small chat and then jumped in the shower. There, she washed me while I was touching her. When she finished with me, she asked if I could go outside the shower to let her finished. No problems with me but it could be surpising.
My 2hrs with her were a genuine GFE, lots of kissing and cuddlinng, nice chat, but also a good raunchy sex session (BBBJ, DS, CG, MS...).
There were a lot of eye contact during the BJ, which I really appreciated.
If you're looking for a sexy J-girl, she might be your choice. If she's still working with AM when I'll be back in Tokyo, I'll certainly book her again

Hiromi : after reading a lots of different things about her (and having my previous booking canceled), I was a bit dissapointed. To end my stay, I call AM and ask for Mai. Unfortunatly, she wasn't avaiable (for all my bookings, I always contact AM 2 or 3 days before the D day). Crap!!
But surprise! AM sugested me Hiromi...After another look at her photos (maybe the 25th time) I booked her.
She arrived 10 minutes before the hour...But like with Bruna, viewing her boobs made me forget my surprise. I am a very weak man.
Anyway, while she was taking off her clothes for the shower, I couldn't help having my mouth open as I was discovering her body (and thinking of what was going to happened muahaha). Shje told me that she did a lot of swimming when she was younger and now she does a lot of gym.
For the first time in my stay, I was enjoying the narowness of the shower. Very sexy time.
On the bed, I needed to engage the action as she was a litlle bit passive. But don't be afraid, it's very easy with a girl who look like her.
2hrs with her, 2 pops. BBBJ but she's not really in. My only dissapointment because the serious things were much better. If I have to choose between been behind her or under her, I'd be in a serious trouble as I 'd have to choose between her huge boobs or her firm ass. I'd better have a longer inspection to make my choice ^^.
To sum up : a model body and a sporty sex session. I'd give her a B for the BJ but she can make you forgive her.

To conclude, I'd say that I was a lucky bastard who spent very pleasant times with 3 wonderful but very different kind of girl . I'd reccomended the 3 of her : between a brazilian porn star, a japanese GFE and a japanese model, there are harder choices in life to make.

thanks OlivNIC for sharing your experience. very well written and good detail. this is my second time saying this but i need to really see Bruna's ass as that is the one drawback i wish this lovely land of almond eye beauties could work on (at least for me)
have you got a link of the website for AM?
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Just Google "Asian mystique" escort tokyo.

Furthemore, there are dozens of other AM reviews on this forum.