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Dec 28, 2010
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Hi Forum,
I am glad I found this board to know a little more about finding escorts in Tokyo. I was wondering if there are some escorts who do incalls in hotels or at their place.
From what I have read until now, I have seen only outcalls in hotels and love hotels encounters.
Welcome to the forum Jolicoeur!

Most escorts come to your hotel/home or meet at love hotel. Most all of them don't do in-call services. One of the other guys can offer more insight than I can.

On my trips to Japan, everything has been outcall. If you want incall, you have to visit some of the chinese or korean shops. There are some Japanese shops, but it is hit and miss.

A real Escort incall service, don't recall any that were available.
As others have reported, the Japanese incall scene is very nearly 100% in commercial shops of various sorts, brothels in effect. But the quality can be superb, and they are typically nicer, cleaner, classier etc than such establishments in most other parts of the world. So, there's no obvious reason not to go that route if you want/need an incall far as I am aware.

Welcome to the forum, do you ever frequent Thailand?