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New iPhone Anyone?


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Sep 24, 2009
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Has anyone gotten a new iPhone since they've been out in Japan?

I've only gotten to play with one in the Softbank store. It's sexy, that's for sure. Feels snappier, but I still think I'm going to wait on this one.

My current iPhone 3G really got bogged down with the iOS4 update but a restart cured most of that. It still crawls at some specific tasks, which I hope will be resolved with the next firmware update.

Going to sit this one out. Kind of curious to see what's going to happen in 2011.

I drank the koolaid, today actually. My wallet is still hot from all of that cash leaving in such a hurry.

So far, crossing my fingers, no issues other than the known issue of how you hold the phone. That really isn't a problem since I don't actually talk on the phone that much and usually use text message/email instead. I had an original iPhone 3G prior to this and I really feel this is a step up in the way of function and speed. It's much snappier and responsive compared to my old one.

The keyboards ALWAYS took forever to change from English to Japanese or vice versa. This new phone doesn't have that issue, so far. We'll see how things are after a few days of heavy use.

For the curious: I was already a Softbank customer and my contract was up, so the timing was perfect to get a new plan and new phone. (I paid for the phone in cash instead of having it built into my monthly payments.) So, I just paid the new contract fee and the price for the phone and that was all. Even got my furikomi bank payment setup to pay my bill, that's going to a big plus!

However, iPad = no thanks!
Good luck with your new phone Kias~

I'm going sit this one out as well, I will wait for the next generation of phone to hit the market in about two years. (provided my current phone doesn't die....) A few people in the office have the new iPhone, they seem pretty happy with it. Otherwise, I've seen mixed reviews in each direction.
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Congrats on the new phone > Kias.
Let us know how it goes for you, there's so much negative PR floating around now about it. Even the negative PR could work in Apple's favor, since people continually post about the new iPhone and therefore it stays in the top of the news and other article sites. Free advertising, if you will.

These smart phones are becoming stale, with all of them having most of the same features. The only things that really set them a part is their accessory worth. That is, I mean their applications made by 3rd parties that you can add to each phone. I'm more likely to buy my next phone based on the community around the product. I like owning a product that has a large aftermarket user/accessory base.
lol. How embarrassing...

I don't think I realized that I had already replied to this thread, so I edited the first post.

Sorry. :(
It's ok, you're a woman, we all completely understand.

I know I'm going to get the shit stick for this, but it's fun bashing you while I can!!!!