New To This And Looking For Advice


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Oct 11, 2013
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Basically......ive found myself in a sex less marriage! I want to have fun every now and then NSA! Would rather find a girl who wants the same but dont know how to go about it...... Craigslist offers very little and I dont read Japanese to try the happymail or other sites similar. Going out and pulling a bird is not a problem, just there is a lot of risk going about it this way! Any adivec would be great.
Sorry I don´t believe in "NSA". I think there are always strings attached. As long there is clear arrangement about compensation, at least I know the strings. If "going out and pulling birds" is no problem for you, why don´t you just do that.
I agree with Zaphod. Or I will add, pay for it. Once a month marriage is why I have gotten into this "hobby." There are women around I could get involved with, but as Zaphod says, there are always strings. So P4P is the way to go I think, plus the variety is a heck of a lot of fun. Why tie yourself down with one woman?