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    Provider: Noa,
    Contact info: Map and phone number here
    Type/Location: hotel health (Japanese girls)
    Language Specifics: shop staff nor girl spoke English. Shop staff said they only accept gaijins who are fluent in Japanese and who seem to understand the rules of the game.
    Session Length/Fee: 18000 yen / 60 minutes.
    Physical description: photos on website heavily photoshopped. Hair shorter than in photo (shop staff told me), skin whiter than in pic, but measurements seem correct. Natural, large, very squeezeable tits. Teeth could use some whitening.
    Details: I arrived at the shop, and the staff were very friendly and accommodating. I selected Noa from the available girls, paid, and got a piece of paper with directions to a nearby hotel. I can't remember the name of the hotel but there are plenty of hotels in the area. Checked in, called the shop and about 15 minutes later the girl arrived. As mentioned above she wasn't quite the same girl I had seen on the website, but she had a sexy air about her. We got undressed, had an uneventful shower and went to bed. She wasn't into kissing, instead she started to suck my nipples, then worked her way down to start BBBJ. Good skills, although her small mouth probably limited how deep we could go. Pretty soon she went from BBBJ an to a hand job using lots gel. I prefer if they ask before they give up BBBJ and start using the gel, which I sometimes don't mind, but I wasn't in the mood for arguing. Her hand technique was also good. I came on her tits, and after she wiped it off and rested a while she turned on the TV and lit a cigarette. I don't mind TV, but if I pay dear money for a girl's time I prefer that she focus her attention on me, and if she is going to smoke I prefer if she offers me a cigarette. Anyway, I still had more to give, so I asked if I could pop a 2nd time. She said yes with a smile and cute giggle, and after I came on her tits again she did this cute dance half-singing something like "yeah, he came twice!" Then time was up, we showered, left the hotel and went our separate ways.
    Recommendation: I probably won't repeat, at least not with the same girl. The overall experience was good but just a bit too mechanic for my taste. Photo shopping is (unfortunately) part of the game, but the discrepancy between the pictures I was shown and the actual girl was so big I will probably only consider spending money there when my usual providers are not available.
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    thanks for the review and the warning. The girls there look too awesome to be true, that is right. So I might expect a rank down in appearance, but they still look cute.
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    Could you clarify regarding this place.. is it BJ/HJ only or is FS on the table?

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