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Feb 11, 2012
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I have never done anything like this before, but I have read quite a few posts here, and think I might try it and see if I like it.

I just had a couple of questions, as far as hiring escorts goes, is it generally assumed that FS comes with the hourly rate that you pay? I.e. if I pay 25,000 yen for one hour with a girl there will be no further fees for the main event, or is there a further negotiation upon meeting?

Another thing, how safe is getting BBBJs from these girls or the ones at Pink Salons? If any experienced member could comment on that it would be great.

Is using love hotels for this type of thing the norm? I see a few ads with girls wanting you to stay at a luxury hotel...

As you can tell I have never done this in any country, let alone Japan. My Japanese is quite good, but that doesn't really seem to matter anyway.

Also, if anyone could recommend a good escort that would be awesome.

Thanks in advance
Dear WDarc,

on my experience, and i am talking abroad sense what i saw in several countries, it is
that is not always supposed that you would receive FS. It's like other situations in the world: you can find people serious and people who are not. Well, the good news is that in Japan is so serious, so
you are not going to find women trying to increase the bill with no justification. There are also women that are not true professional, just do that as a complement to get more money and that refuse to practise intercourse.
About including or not FS in the bill, it depends on the politics of the provider: There are providers who include the FS in the final price, and others (like deri-r.com) which do not say explicitelly (because its illegal), but usual clients know that asking for that in the moment to pay to the girl, you get the FS just adding 5000 yen more; but you know, you should ask explicitely for it, the girl is not going to tell you if you don't ask; and it could be that the delivered girl is one of this women who refuse practing intercourse... so its better clarify this issue before they sent you the girl.

I will tell you what i use to do:
1) if is an independent escort, its easier, you just ask what you want by email/phone before schedule, so you fully agree with the girl about how the service will be and how much will cost. Don't be shy and ask her all about you are interested: they prefer to know it before schedule, just to confirm if they can do it or no.
2) if it is an agency, i send a email asking explicitely who girls will be available that night and REMARKING that i am only interested in full service girls (its perfectelly possible that women who are not willing to do intercourse are working also there; you don't want they deliver you one of this girls).
3) definitelly speak japanese language it is not neccessary at all ( i can't speak a word on it ... well maybe 10 words, not much more). It really help you to make the atmosphere more pleasant (i want to learn japanese) with the women, and you are lucky because you can speak it; but in case more people are reading this comment, and they can't speak japanese: don't worry, i can't either and i got so much fun with pure japanese woman who can't speak english. Not necessary at all.You know, sometimes, when you are with a woman that you just have met 10 minutes ago, so you don't know anything about her, a true nice smile can say much more than a stupid long sentence.

Last but not least, you ask about recommendation of beauty escort. Well, i will say that its worthy you read here several reviews (there are so many) and after that you decide. It could be that one women for me is so nice and for you its not your type, so its for that i prefer not point you to a particular one; i think is safe to decide between several good reviews here, where you can read that the girl was not a robot in the bed, no rush, and they show links where you can find pictures to see if you feel atraction by the girl.