Osaka area, where to go?

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    Hello friends,
    I've been looking up to this awesome website since my landing in Japan few weeks ago.
    I'm now in Osaka and I would like to have some fun.
    I kinda did some websearch and I kinda get who the sex industry works in Japan and, most inportant of all, what service does it offers.
    While I was in Tokyo I personally wasn't able to find ANY information men point, but in Kanazawa I did, weird uh?
    Anyway, now I'm in Osaka and I would like to know if you guys know any Information men point here in Osaka (I've used this service in Kanazawa, It's amagazin their professionality) and the location of some Pink Salon.
    I'm a budget traveller and I would like to try one of those Pink Salon since are not too expensive and the experience sounds fun.
    I also already read this topic and it was very useful about the Tobita area. Some users said that Osaka offers severals Pink Salon but nothing more, without talking about their location. You guys know where are they? I tried googling Pink Salon Osaka or also with Japanese symbols but I wasn't lucky.

    Hoping you can help me out,

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