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Pink Otsuka

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Jan 3, 2012
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i was in the otsuka area and give a try at sweet pea.

i told to the techo that i was gaijin and he ask me about my japanese and i said that i can understand... (but i dont)
He let me in... paid Y5000 for 30min
nothing extraordinary... here is the website
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I visited Sweet pea three times. The first two were great. Girls in school uniform come out and give great CBJ. However, I went there last Tuesday, and there were a different two tencho on the door. They stopped me as I tried to go in and said 'dame' with the universal crossed arms sign. I responded very surprised saying that it was my third time, but they didn't care. So, I just said Ok and went to Janjan. If they have suddenly stopped letting in westerners, I will be extremely disappointed as it was one of my favorites. Has anyone been 'That guy....?' :) But seriously, i'd be interested to hear anyone else's recent experiences there.
I have been to ichigo club, a popular pink saro in Otsuka. I would like to go to the sweet pea but I was wondering if wearing a condom is compulsory or it's up to you. I know it's a bit risky but I perfer a BBBJ rather than CBJ. Any feedback, guys? thank you
I wanted to go to sweet pea a few days ago. The tout was really friendly and asked me if I speak Japanese. clever me said no, so he said that I couldn't go in (btw, he was sitting in front of the place and potted flowers. I was tempted to ask him if it's okay to take a photo of him doing that, unfortunately, I didn't dare..). Well, next time I say yes when he asks me if I speak Japanese, I suppose :D In any case, he was friendly and it didn't look as if they wouldn't let in foreigners who speak some Japanese. It's a bit of a bummer, cause I also found that school uniform concept pretty cool. I'll definitely try again after I learned to speak a bit.

I would also be interested if bareback is possible, so if anyone knows, share that knowledge, please.
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