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Premier Tokyo Escort Review


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Oct 24, 2012
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  • Agency: Premier Tokyo Escort
  • URL:
  • Rates: 28,000 yen for 1 hour , 20,000 yen each additional hour
  • Staff: Eastern European women, late 20's to early 30's
  • Lady: Martina (late 20's, Lithuanian)
A little background: I used this agency once before, back in April 2011. Because of the tsunami, they were very short of girls (the flyjin problem - most of the ladies left Japan). The big selling point on the web site of this agency is BDSM play, and since I like some soft S&M play, I thought I'd give them a try. The pictures on the site seemed too good to be true, but I took my chances. I had a 2 hour session with a heavy Polish woman with a pretty face. Unfortunately for me, she was much too fat to be attractive although she was very enthusiastic about the S&M play and seemed to enjoy everything more than I did. I made the appointment over the phone without any problem and my requested date showed up on time. I was very disappointed, but learned some key things.
  • Lessons Learned
The photos, names and measurements are all fake. They appear to recycle the names over and over for new women (probably to save having to re-label the fake pictures on their site). Nothing except the phone number and email address is real.
  • One More Try This Year (first week of October)
I decided to try again because there are almost no agencies that offer BDSM (except the specialty houses which almost universally prohibit actual sex and charge 3 - 5 times the normal rates and require fluent Japanese language skills). I was hoping for a slim woman who would be at least willing to do some soft S&M. All I wanted was to have a woman I could tie up and have sex with - nothing more. Not too out there or kinky. Nothing painful or extreme. I explained this to the mama-san via email, emphasizing slimness and that I expected BDSM play. She was very, very slow to respond and it was almost impossible to make the appointment. After 2 days of slow responses, I still didn't have a confirmed appointment for the next day. Finally, I just called and worked out the details over the phone. The arrangement was to meet at the Alpha Inn ( which is a specialty BDSM hotel near Azabu Juban (on a street just behind the Russian Embassy, if you know where that is). It's a little shabby, but fully equipped for anything you might want to get into as far as BDSM play. The rates were not too bad - a bit higher than a normal love hotel, but not outrageous ( 2 hours for rest runs between 9500 yen and 16000 yen depending on the rooms - there's a pretty good variety including dungeon types, hospital types, and different decoration themes - most are between 9 and 12 thousand).
  • The Session
I missed Martina because I was a few minutes late and she didn't wait, but after calling the mama-san, she came back. Apparently, my idea of slim and mama-san's idea is very different. She was about 5 foot 6 (165 cm) and a little pudgy. On a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is one of the notorious sweathogs mentioned in other posts and 10 is a Victoria's Secret swimwear model (pick any one of them at random) I would put her at about a 5, maybe a 6 if you like big breasts (which I do not). Now personally, I feel that I can hook up with up to a 7 or 7.5 in terms of picking up a woman for a regular encounter (not p4p) but have no chance with any better looking women - so for me one of the points of p4p is to be able to get it on with women better looking than I ever could in normal circumstances. So any time I end up paying for less than a 7.5, I feel like I'm wasting my money. I might make a slight exception for a fairly plain but very thin woman willing to get into some wild kinky play, but otherwise, appearance is an important factor. Yes, personality has a big impact in terms of how things go, how much rapport we can develop and how pleasant and comfortable the session is - but for me personally, nothing will make up for excess weight or unattractive appearance (which includes hygiene). So once again, I was disappointed, but due to the hassles of arranging this I thought I would see how it went.
  • The Action
Well, it was a disaster. The previous time, the woman was much too heavy, but she was enthusiastic about S&M play and really got into it. Good attitude, just wrong appearance. This time, both were wrong from the start. This woman was terrified. She seemed to be new to p4p and had never done any S&M play at all. I went slowly, but she basically just gritted her teeth and endured everything. She was practically clenching her entire body, even though I was going as easy as I could. During play she was silent and motionless and during breaks only talked about how nervous she was. She gamely cooperated, but was tremendously uncomfortable and scared the whole time. It was a miserable experience for both of us and I kind of felt sorry for her. She was clearly not expecting this and even my lightest play was still too much for her. During the last 10 minutes, after everything was done and we were getting ready to leave, she was joking around, friendly and quite pleasant. Maybe for a plain vanilla session in a regular love hotel, she might be very easy to get along with - she seemed nice enough. But from my perspective she was not attractive and not into my kind of play and the whole session was a failure all around.
  • The Bottom Line on this Agency
Bottom line - this is one of those agencies that posts up fake pictures and just sends you whoever they have available. They assign the fake names and pictures randomly and recycle them - you have no idea what you're getting and the very thinnest woman they have is too heavy (by my taste) to be acceptable. I'm giving up on them. Their prices were lower last year, so they were slightly cheaper than some other agencies, but they raised them back to around the same level as others so that's not even an advantage. Worst of all was the mama-san's failure to match up my interests with the woman she was sending - she sent an inexperienced woman with no interest in S&M play to someone requesting an S&M session - that's inexcusable. What a miserable experience for Martina - and for me as a customer it was a total disaster.
  • Thanks for Sharing
Thanks to everyone on this board for sharing your experiences - it's very helpful and useful. This post is my way of paying that back by sharing my information and helping others in the same way. I'll try to post more on my future experiences.
  • Future Plans
Next up, I'm planning on a vanilla session with the most attractive Japanese woman I can locate (who is available to foreigners) to get the bad taste out of my mouth. I hope it goes better.
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