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Jul 30, 2012
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This is located out of the Ikebukuro north exit near by the pet shop. This is a hotel health which specializes in women with huge knockers. I have used this shop on a number of occasions and as a breast man, this is my place to go to.

As for it being gaijin friendly, it depends on the individual girl, but I have managed to get a good number of them. Most of the gaijin customers are Chinese from what I understand. I am one of those multi-ethnic guys than can pass off as just about any ethnicity and I speak Japanese but I have a very thick Californian accent. Regardless, they always show me (to steal a quote from Mitt Romney lol) "binders of women" that are gaijin friendly.

If you want FS, it depends. Never ask for it or demand for it. If the girl offers it, she offers it.
A girl I have seen a few times in Honoka. The first time, it was just a simple blow and I also paid the extra 5000 yen to swallow. The second time (though I didn't pay the extra 5000 yen) I finished on her face while she was giving me a titty fuck. It wasn't my intention, but she was looking down on it and I just went and her face was in my line of fire. The third time I had her I decided to pay the extra 5000 to finish on her face and she actually let me give it to her raw. She just put my cock in her pussy and we went at it. Then we did it missionary and I was tempted to finish inside of her but then I finished on her face and it was very satisfying.
Another girl I can recommend is Juri. She is the closest to Hitomi Tanaka I will ever get to except this one is 2 cup sizes smaller. But in context to her face and the rest of her figure, she does bare a big resemblance to Hitomi. The problem with her is that she really takes her time and she is really slow. Especially in the shower. She just keeps her hand on the shower for a long time to make sure its hot. To be honest, the guy at the counter actually warned me she is a slow girl at times.

She also freaks out if you cum like Peter North. I also paid to finish on her face and when I was done, she screamed looking at the mirror and I kind of laughed at it. She says she found it scary that I could cum the way that I did. Like North, I did not know I could cum more than normal until I got into this kind of mongering. 2 months later, I had her again and she remembered me as that guy who could cum a lot. But to me, those girls are more fun because you have some twisted power over them and they have to obey you because you are paying them for a service they have to provide. I am not trying to abuse the system. Hell, I am following the rules. It's her fault for getting into this job and knowing the risks.
Misaki is also a big favorite of mine. Even though her profile says she does not swallow, the store told me she did and I paid for her to swallow my load. She is really cute in person. But if you are an ass loving man, she is the girl for you. She has an ass I don't see with Japanese girls. It's like she intensively does squats/pilates/yoga and all that. If you have seen the movie Raw Justice with Pamela Anderson, there is a scene in an alley where the dude sucks on her T and A intensively. In the shower, I was doing that to Misaki (except I didn't proceed to fuck her from behind). She has the figure of a Japanese Pamela Anderson.

She is also very ticklish with how you nibble down on her and she is very fun.

Another big plus is her small hands. If you don't feel confident in the size of your cock, her hands will change all that. My cock felt as high as Mt. Fuji in her tiny little hands. And her stroking is just out of this world.
hey johnnyboy thanks so much for your super informative review, helps a lot:D

as a newbie to this, could you walk me through the steps to getting to a hotel if i were to go to this place? i.e. what's a good place to use and what not and how much it costs in total? cheers
they will yes and no arrange a hotel for you. they tell you which hotel is available to use. most cost around 2500 for 90 minutes. they also give you a card with a map of the hotel. then, you go to the hotel, get your room, call the store to tell them your room number and between 15-30 minutes, the girl will show up.
Hi Johnnyboy84, thanks for the nice post. I like big girls and thinking about trying it.

The only question I have is they got so many fees listed on their site - registration, introduction etc. can you pls tell how much did you pay in total? Also, did you just book everything on phone and paid to thr girl in the room or had to visit some place prior to meeting thr girl?

Thanks in advance.
Well, as for registration, I showed them on their website on my iphone that if I saw the homepage, it would be free and they gave me free regsitration. When you get a membership card, sometimes you will get certain fees off like selection fees will be free from time to time. On average if I go with 50 minutes, I pay 13,000 yen and pay 2000 for the hotel. but sometimes i pay the extra 5000 for cumming on face or swallowing and the extra 1000 yen for cosplay. so i can spend within less than 25,000 but around 20,000 or a little more.

I booked at the reception desk of the shop, paid them them, recommended me which hotel to go to. Paid for the hotel, get the room, called the girl and then did our things.
Had Juri again last night. She was the only one I wanted to have and I figure fuck it. And I paid the extra 5000 yen so I could cum on her face just to sort of make a statement. This time, she actually took things well this time. She didn't take her time and she was more cooperative and we had a lot more fun this time. We got time to be more comfortable and we had more fun than the last two times. Friday night was my best time with her ever. She didn't freak out over me cumming on her face this time and she was ok with it.
Johnnyboy,thanks so much for your experience!Hoping to visit this place next time travel to Tokyo.
Basic japanese is enough?or they speak some english?
Thanks in advance.
Yesteday, I had Umi. She is OFF the charts in person. She is beyond a 10! She is over 9000!!! Her face is thin and pretty. She has an amazing smile and wonderful eyes. Her body in person is just unbelievable. She is out of my league. She is just one of those girls that I would never have a chance on a cold day in hell outside of the fuuzoku industry. She could be an actress or be in a beauty pageant.

Her skin is really soft and she is just wonderfully curvy.

In terms of looks, she is a work of art. She is beyond my personal fantasies.

But in context to play time, she is sensitive on where she wants to be kissed and touched. She doesn't like being touched on the face and she doesn't like being nibbled. If you like to be rough on the titty sucking, she does not like that. You really have to be gentle with her.

In terms of skills, any contact with your cock with her body is purely sensational. Her hand jobs are amazing. While kissing she likes stroking the cock. When she is not sucking on it, she will stroke it. In context to BJ skills, she takes her time. Approaching climax, she becomes amazing.

She allows swallowing so I had to pay 5000 yen. I finished in her mouth and she swallowed which made it more incredible to me. I just wish she allowed to finish on her face. She has that face you just want to cum on.

Next time, I hope I can do 2 hours with her and have her do dress up.
Had Hinata earlier today. These past few weeks on a personal level has been very rough for me so I really needed to release some stress and have some fun. Hinata has a build like Megumi Kei and sort of has a face like her. I had a lot of fun with her. I did the bikini option for an extra 1000 yen. The shower play we had was very fun. Just us stroking each other and making out.

I went all Raw Justice on her. I had her against the wall at first and I was kissing her, nibbeled my way down, undresses her bikini with my teeth, sucked all over her body, and had inter-curial doggy style sex up against he wall. No official FS, but works enough for me.

Then we went to the bed and she gave me a great blow job and tit fuck. I actually exploded on her tit fuck. It felt like I was going for 5 minutes. We still had time so she was kind enough to give me an extra round with a hand job and blow job and with the time running out, I went in her mouth.
Was at this place last month and it was a little hard to find... Once there though the front desk was helpful and explained the local system. Was able to session with...

She was a little thicker in person that I prefer, so it was not for me, but her service was good. Nice slow BBBJ which kept me on the edge of blowing until I could not take it anymore. Then she clamped down for the BBBJCIM. Nice.

my Japanese is pretty basic and we were able to make things work. I will definitely visit this shop on my trip next month.
well, look at the heights and the measurements. if a girl is lets say under 170 and has a waist size over 59, she is likely to be fat. always pay attention to heights and measurements to get an idea of what their figure is like.

So I went couple days ago to visit first time Pururungang and well it was kinda late so not many girls were available and chose to go with Nono.
Not bad choice in my mind.

Had to say, conversation was bit difficult since I can only do very basic convos in Japanese, but I managed!
Girl chosen, 50min course and off to hotel where girl came shortly.

There was little tension between us, but we managed to have decent conversation and soon to the shower we went. She didn't like to be touched much at shower, but she sure gave me good wash :)

Off to the bed and fun really started!
Some nice kissing and nipple play she did for me, until she went down and I think pretty good BBBJ. Not Deepthroat level, but could take half of my member in so I really liked it.
But soon we switched places because I had brought my own vibrators and she really liked the idea of me using them on her.
So good vibes on clit and fingerin action made her cum pretty soon and hard, moaning was very sexy and kept me well hard all the time.
After that some good paizuri action and then back to BJ without hands, like it way more and she did it well.

Now comes the good part, It seems she got horny and liked my action because she really wanted to have sex with me! Was so suprised to get it and my first go at the place, Vibrator must have been good choice ;)
Popped some extra power, Cock ring on so she could really enjoy my raging hard on, condom on and some good missionary fucking and man, she liked it, good moaning!
Since I'm kinda quick shoot and had like weeks load in so thought I would cum fast but some how managed to hold it good while, even with sex.
Then was the time to blow, I payd for swallow so condom off and to the BBBJ with the cock ring still on.
And man when I popped, it was one of the best I really have had and my balls really went empty. I often don't do many spurts, but this time it went around 10! And I cummed about 45min in the clock so build up was really good.
She really struggled swallowing load and in the end it was too much her so I let her spit the rest out, but really, one of my hugest shots ever and she really took it like a champ.
Only downside that se stopped BJ when I started cuming, but over all it was really good visit.

Might take her again some other time, but I want to also test other girls there.
Thinking to take AF girl next time and try it out ;)
Defenetly want to try Honoka out and Misaki but I think either did AF
So I think I still need at least 3 more times to go there before my vacation ends in Japan :D
well have had Honoka twice now and wow!
She is horny gal :)

Both sessions went fast and wonderful time it was.
Both were 90minutes with some differences.
First one was with facial and second one with video ;)
(Didn't get sex, but no matter, was fun!)

Small talk and to the shower, very sexy experience and rubbing my dick all over honokas ass cheaks. Since this was with facial, we did it first at shower. Good paizuri and after that blowjob and to my suprise Honoka was able to take my dick about 95% in. Very good deepthroat and I think she was able to hold it 10seconds before gags were too strong.
Then after 15mins or so, blew my load on her face :)
Satisfying view.
After that gave 2 orgasm row to her with vibrator and finger action ;)
She was yelling and moaning very nicely.

After that my time again, very good blowjob action and managed to blow this time good amount again in her mouth and wow, Honoka didn't stop the blowjob when I came.
Switch and third orgasm to Honoka, she looked very happy ;)
And after that some more blowjob to me and alarm went off!
Lube and hard jerking and I think 93minutes to the clock and managed to blow my third load.

Since this was video had it little different,
After showers me to bed and she started very proffesional blowjob action, Me ofcourse filming the whole thing, now the video aint the best since haven't really done that before, but surely is nice memory for me.
Dick licking, some deepthroat and good finish in the mouth.

change places and my turn to have fun with Honoka.
Vibrators and fingers to the action and not long she is screaming and cumming. Give her some good licking down there and again the vibrators and fingers giving her second orgasm. I gave her about 30sec breather and but the vibrator in the strongest mode and hard pressing to the clit and very fast she got very strong third orgasm, after that she pushed me away and wanted to have some time xD

After that was my turn to get some more blowjob action and filmed also in 69 where she was sucking me, but since first time that came out kinda badly. Anyway took last 25 mins and blew again in her mouth and this session was over also so fast!

Overall, any one who is using pururungang should give a go with Honoka!
Delightful girl and very experienced with her body.
Thanks for the report.

I hadn't taken much notice of this thread; I don't like big saggy tits, but Umi, holy moly is she hot.

I might just have a report coming up ...

Does the profile in the shop include topless photos? The mouse over on the website gives an idea of what they are like. Yeah, I know I'm fussy but that's just what is important to me ...
I have been to Pururungang twice. The first time was excellent. Two girls, both in uniforms, Asuka (, and Aoi ( They were great, got to FS Aoi, but Asuka wasn't up for it. Good all round experience.

However, the next time I want I got Sakura ( Quite a pretty girl, slim. I had her in the white shirts and fishnets, and I bought some cat-ears from Donki (I had some AKB48 issues that I needed to work out :). Sakura was slow, another one just spending up all the clock time with quite a few 'chotto matte ne'. Also, I could tell she wasn't into it at all, I was trying to get her into the game playing with her pussy, but she just stared at me with these dead eyes, making really weak sounds. She refused FS, and ended up finishing me off well, but not very enthusiastically. Staring at me again with those dead eye's while jerking my cock into her mouth. Lucky she had those cat-ears on, or it could have been a complete disaster :). Overall, not impressed with Sakura. Time wasting and lack of enthusiasm. 4/10 (should have been 3/10 because I supplied the ears).

Overall, I have to say that I don't like the lottery of whether you are going to get FS at pururungang. Especially for the money, I think I will try another couple of times at Hipness for a sure thing.
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I was just there this morning, shelling out ¥16k for 50 minutes plus the oshikko option at the head office and then an extra ¥3k or so for the hotel. Since it’s quite hot and muggy today, I actually started showering before the employee showed up. (I didn’t ask her name.) After we showered together, I watched her taking a piss in the bathtub. I wanted her to piss standing up for a better view. She had to briefly squat to get started, and then it came out in spurts, but it was fun to watch.

Next, we went to the bed and started sixty-nining, with intermittent tittyfucking. The sixty-nine works best for me, as having a woman’s ass in my face turns me on. In the last five minutes before wrap-up time, she was stressing because of me taking so long to come. I was ready to tell her to not worry about it had I not come before wrap-up, but I came. After my orgasm, I gave her a congratulatory pat on the ass and said something along the lines of “Good job.”
I had Uruha, a Jcup girl. Short, a little more skin but she works. Try to imagine Fuko but smaller. She just gives off that kind of vibe. I did the swallow option too. She is really friendly and cute.

Two of her hands are as big as one of mine. Her mouth is small and I feel good between the base and shaft and my helmet could barely fit in her mouth. If you got a big one then this could be good or bad for you on an individual basis. It's nice to have a woman who makes me feel big, but she really can't reach where I feel good is difficult for me. She does what she can to compensate with her tiny hands and her tongue. But in the end, she swallowed my load.
Hi everyone!
I ll like to go to Pururungang but i don't know how it works..
-Go to purruungang near Ikebukuro
-Go to desk (i suppose)
-They show me girl photos and i choose one of theme (i suppose)
-They suggest my a Hotel
-Go to this Hotel
-Call pururungang giving room number
-They send the girl
Is it right??
Thank you!!
Hi everyone!
I ll like to go to Pururungang but i don't know how it works..
-Go to purruungang near Ikebukuro
-Go to desk (i suppose)
-They show me girl photos and i choose one of theme (i suppose)
-They suggest my a Hotel
-Go to this Hotel
-Call pururungang giving room number
-They send the girl
Is it right??
Thank you!!

you have it right. just don't forget if it's your first time there to say that you have see their website for the admission fee off
( homupeji o mita )
err question, is there any limit to how many time you can come?
err question, is there any limit to how many time you can come?

As there's no mention in the basic play list about unlimited shoot ( 時間内無制限発射 ) 、I would say one time only. 2 at best
As there's no mention in the basic play list about unlimited shoot ( 時間内無制限発射 ) 、I would say one time only. 2 at best

Didn't know what to expect as it's my 1st deriheru but here goes :-

was in the vicinity, so I dropped by the shop, based on HP map. Couldn't find the shop with Pururungang 
but saw 'VIP muryo sumthing..' on the 1st floor and went in. I thought I was in the wrong place, quickly excuse myself.

Recheck again, and went in show the counter Pururungang(P) HP and asked 'koko desuka'.
The guy said hai, and start showing the list. Seems like VIP.. is the 'reception counter' where the cater/handle few shops on the same floor.

All the P ladies are booked out, say have to wait at least one hour for 'Tina' next available, he recommended other shop Cutie Bomb,
where there's one available. He called up the office, and confirmed, passed me a slip of paper and asked me to go upstair.

Went up 5th flr, talk the tencho, he show me the immediate available and others ladies, set the price.
Then, I told him 'gaijin daijoubu desu ka' and he gave me the look. Then he told me don't tell the girl you're gaijin, tell them you're half bla bla bla.
I just hai, paid 11,000(45 mins)+1,000 (nomination fee). Showed me list of LH, went for Atlanta (2,200)90mins.
I'm with Asian look, and passable nihongo, unless i talk too much can pass off as Nihonjin :D

Went to LH , called in the room no., and 5 mins later lady came.
Start off with touching her with cloth on, both touchy touchy, she gave out fake moan, some kisses. Then proceed with shower,
washed me down under, she put some lube/lotion between her thigh and we start intecrural doogie, gave BBBJ and some HJ, asked her for paisuri and I came.
Washed up, continue on the bed, more BBBJ,HJ (all lube/lotion), paisuri and finished off with sumata,which i came for 2nd time.
All the while with fake 'anime' moan on and off.

Then to the shower again, touchy touchy here and there, again to the bed for some light touching and talking crap.
Made up story about me being a half, bla bla and she said she went to my 'country' last year for vacation bla bla..luckily I knew the place quite well, since it just neighboring country.

Lady : Siratama chan
GF: 7/10
Look: 7/10
Body : more to hug:D ,
picture shown was shot from different angle
Exp: 7/10
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thanks for the review gulagz

too bad that all the girls with pururungang were booked off. That's why i prefer to make a reservation first as i can speak fluently Japanese. but still seems like you had a nice session :)
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