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Oct 14, 2012
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Need some help with planning to avoid any surprises... what is general rule in hotels in Tokyo while bringing a guest to room? I have a fine lady visiting me rather late in evening (10pm) and i would like to be able to bring her to my room. Can there be an issue?
I can only speak from my experience with Asian Mystique. The girls will usually make their way to your hotel room, the person you book with will usually ask the room you are booked in for this reason. The purpose for this is so that the girl can just walk straight to the elevators and head to the room without looking suspicious to staff. They'd hopefully just assume that she's another paying customer heading to her room.

Bigger hotels are probably better because there will be more staff change over so it's not like any one member of staff will know every single guests face. The general advice really would be to not draw attention to yourselves. So don't make loads of noise in your room and if you do meet her in the lobby and walk her to your room, just be casual.
I think officially you need to pay for an additional person staying in your room. I've seen some DH places that say to make sure to get a 'double' room for that reason. However, I've stayed at a few hotels that were large enough and the reception desk wasn't immediately next to the elevators that it wasn't really an issue.
Meiji, I'm now curious. I've always assumed that it wasn't possible to get a room for 2 people without both people checking in. I've never really checked the rules on this though. Is it OK with most hotels to get a room for 2 people but not confirm who the second person is? I'd probably use this as an option for myself in the future.
Is it OK with most hotels to get a room for 2 people but not confirm who the second person is?

I honestly couldn't say. I'm assuming that hotels care more about "who is in our hotel" than getting the extra dough for two people sleeping there, although I'm sure the latter is a concern. Officially, the hotel would not only want you to pay for it, but also check in your companion. Theoretically, it could be done if the girl was willing to cough up some ID (in reviews of SE Asian countries, you almost always have to check a girl in, and generally that's for your protection as well as the hotel's). In the interests of 'fairness', you could always reserve and pay for the room as a double, but never officially check the girl in.

The two times I stayed in regular Japanese hotels with women, I was with a 'civilian' GF once, and she stayed a few nights with me in my hotel room without checking her in and without any complaint from the hotel, and the other time I had an AM girl come to my hotel in Osaka for a few hours, and she came right up to my room without me having to check her in. Both times they were larger American hotel chains.

I think as I said before some of it depends on the hotel's configuration. If it's a small hotel and/or the reservation desk is right by the elevators, or the elevators require key access to get up to the guest floors, you are going to have a harder time. If you are walking a girl up to your room instead of having her meet you there, you might have a harder time. It's highly dependent on the situation.
I'm assuming that hotels care more about "who is in our hotel" than getting the extra dough for two people sleeping there

No, they care more about the extra dough.

There is no requirement to show ID in order to stay at a Japanese hotel, unless you are a non-resident foreigner in which case they are required to take a copy of your passport. At every hotel I have ever stayed at in this country, they asked for my name and address but never checked it against ID. At love hotels, of course, they don't even request that much.

If you book a room for more than one person, they might request the name of the other person at booking or check-in, but that is only for their records and you can give them whatever name you want. It's kind of like the practice they have at big office buildings where you have to give your contact details to the reception desk when visiting a tenant -- I know guys who sign in as "Mickey Mouse" or "Osama bin Laden."
after having lived the experience... I noticed staff at my upscale business hotel lowered their heads to their computers soon as they saw me walk in late night with a woman. So, i think they have been instructed not to interfere with hotel guests personal business.
Recently used the Westin in Ebisu and there were no apparent problems. Elevators are easily accessible from the lobby entrance or even at B1. Had booked the room for 2 to be on the safe side and checking in alone did not raise any questions or requests to have the second guest check-in.
In my serviced apartments either in Tokyo or Osaka there was only a few staff and they were like old women looking out their window from across the street. So I never tried bringing in any providers.

At the Ana in akasaka when I first got to Japan and jet lagged out if my f'ing mind I would go out to the lobby for a smoke at 3-4 am and I would always see women with sex hair one after another for 30 minutes leaving the hotel. No one batted an eye.

I have and will continue to order in at the Ana. Never had an issue. The girls try and keep the noise down to a dull roar and no one makes a fuss. I try and ask for extra towels when I have a guest and no one says anything.

If your at a western hotel I would seriously doubt they would say anything as your business is just that yours. I'm a pretty big guy, and with as nice as they are at the western hotels they aren't going to confront or challenge me in any way, but as long as you respect the game and don't do stupid shit you should be fine. Respect the place your staying and they will respect your privacy until you choose to abuse it and then who knows.