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AM Reveiw: Ai of AM


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Sep 3, 2011
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Third time's the charm...

First time I booked her (3P with Manami back when she still worked for AM), and Ai canceled at the last minute. Second time I booked her, again last minute cancellation due to arrival of her period. One last try and finally got to meet her.

Worth the wait. Just as I'd pictured her, kind of an elfin face, cute. Tried meeting at Studio ALTA but they were filming some TV show there and we missed each other in the crowd... crowd broke up, and met up. Walked to the love hotel in Kabukicho ("Hotel Labio" LOL) and talked quite a bit. Sweet girl, and her English was better than I was lead to believe.

At the hotel, we showered and got the sweat off from the sweltering humidity outside, and a little shower play, but nothing too intense, just some playful touching.

Got on the bed, and just cuddled for a bit, kissing. Ai is a great kisser, and I admit kissing is my weakness, so we probably spent too much time doing it.

Ai, with me at least, is a little on the demure side and I pretty much lead everything. Starting with sucking on her nipples to get her in the mood (her nipples are sensitive to tongue and touch) that led to a long bout of DATY. Noisy little minx.

Finally finished up and she returned the favour. Nice slow BBBJ, just how I like it. Not rushed at all like she's trying to break landspeed records on getting me to cum. Took her time so I could enjoy it, and occasionally threw in a little hand action that almost put me over the top.

Told her all that sucking and slurping was making me hungry again, so got her to sit on my face, leaning into the headboard. Once I got her to lean back and jack me off as I was licking her, I reached up and teased those nipples of hers until the combination of my hands and tongue set her off... almost suffocated as she ground her pussy into me.

She rolled off me and started the BBBJ again until I rolled her over for some 69. A few minutes of that, then on goes the condom and she rides me cowgirl for quite a while. I ask her her favorite positions and she says cowgirl and mish. We're already doing cg, so I roll her over for mish and I'm able to hold off for another 10 minutes before I finally pop.

I make light of how us "old guys" can't keep up with "you younger girls" and made her laugh. Laid there cuddling and stroking each other for a long while. Quite a good talker until she wondered what time it was... oops, we laid there talking too long, about 20 minutes left to go. I'm still not 100% up for round 2 yet, so I offer her a massage. By the time I roll her over, and start massaging the naughty bits, the soldier's awake. A quick BBBJ while she's laying under me then off to the shower again, and some quick shower play again. Damn, her hands can work a cock.

Definitely will repeat next time I come through town, although next time I'll set her up with a 3P like I intended to the first time; she's into it and I know who her favourites are now, too (sorry boys, you'll have to ask her yourself)
Chewbacca - Thanks for your report. I apologize for the delay in acknowledging your contribution.

Happy to hear that was an experience that you would want to repeat. :)