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Review: Ai/AM


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Jul 29, 2011
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These are my notes on Ai of AM. Executive summary: nice GND type, reasonably good GFE once you warm her up, loves DATY. Not really my type, but overall a good experience.

I went back and forth on booking Ai after reading reviews here. Most are pretty good, but then I saw mawjav's comments about her being over the hill and overweight, and seems like I saw one review that mentions implants.

I'd guess she is maybe 27. She definitely does not have implants (nicely shaped, moderately sized breasts, just like in her pictures), and I think her weight looks pretty much as characterized by her pictures too. I thought her body was fine. Not thin, but definitely not fat.

She arrived right on time, greeting me with a nice smile that was framed by her long, shiny hair. Her face was rounder than I expected, and this may be what led to comments about her weight. She's a bit shy (lots of nervous laughter), and she has a little decay around one of her front teeth that I found a little off-putting, but I did my best to ignore that.

We had a long session, and I wanted to take plenty of time to relax and warm up, so we chatted for 30 mins before heading for the shower. She washed me up nicely as I clumsily tried to return the favor at the same time, and there I got the first hints of her previously lauded dexterity. She does have skillful, nimble hands :)

Once out of the shower, we brushed and she rinsed with listerine, which put me a little more at ease with the tooth decay issue. We moved to the bedside where, standing, we began to slowly explore. She has a soft touch and a little bit of a slow start with kissing, but as she became aroused, her kisses softened and became more animated.

We spent a few hours together, and after her first orgasm, she came alive, becoming quite warm and affectionate. Her nether regions are clean-shaven, fresh, soft, slippery, and tasty :) She loves daty (me too!), and she came repeatedly over the course of a few hours. Overall, a pretty nice time, especially if you are into daty.

Even so, I probably won't repeat, but don't take that to be a criticism of Ai. Like I said, she's not really my type, and I have been so spoiled by Miki and Kansai-Sayuri that I doubt any other girl will ever measure up. But I'm always available for auditions :)