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Discussion in 'Escort Service Reviews' started by loulou_fisher, Jul 14, 2014.

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    Date: 07/13/2014
    Provider: Asami
    Contact Info: Asian Mystique
    Type/Location: Hotel
    Language Specific: English
    Session Lenght/Fee: 5hr (xx+3K for after last train)
    Physical Description: great body, mature women with pretty face
    Details: Escort delivery
    Recommendation: Yes

    I met Asami for a 5hrs session, and it was all action and play. She is older (face and hands) but her body is firm and she is petite. She came to the room with a bottle of wine and her signature pink suitcase (see other thread for the suitcase). She leaves in Yokahoma, so she has to stay overnight when taking late appointments.

    Asami is all about sex, she loves sex, she loves to come and come some more. She like light kisses and licking her nipples. If she is into the sex, she will start playing with herself. She is a sexual dynamo and she advertises it and delivers. Of all the AM ladies, only Nana and ex Nao come close to the amount of action. She is really responsive to daty, loves it and will position herself to let you know what she likes. You can bang her clit (she does not like biting), but you can have at it and she will wet the sheets. She does BBBJ, CIM, etc. She does not like deep penetration (she is short), but does not mind width, she lubs easily and has extra lubs with her.

    Overall I recommend her if what you are looking for is action. You will not get GFE, this is not what she does this job for, and she is straight about it. This job is fun for her, if you can have fun doing it.
    I will repeat (I am waiting for her as I write), just for the raw action.

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