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Review - Delicious Deli - Miyuki


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Mar 4, 2011
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I trolled another site and found that Delicious Deli was a gaijin friendly deli where for a little extra the ladies would do FS. I had been frequenting soaps and thought that they were getting a bit too expensive. So I thought I'd give this place a shot. I had done the deli thing once and the girl was cute but she wouldn't do much at all and it wasn't a very good experience. This time, however, it was a lot of fun.

I had a recommendation for Miyuki and knowing that the pictures on the site are representations, at best, took the gamble. I checked into a Shibuya LH and the girl showed up on time.

Miyuki is 3/4 Japanese, 1/4 Taiwanese, having spent her life in Taiwan through her teenage years then moving to Japan. Her Japanese is near perfect. English is spotty. She's about 156cm tall with long thick brown / black hair. She's really cute with a ready smile and a great personality. She's a smoker and has a bit of the smoker's gums. But teeth are straight and white. Pretty girl. She was slender with small A - B breasts, eraser nipples and a full bush downstairs. Really soft skin.

Anyway, she gave me the rundown on the charges. I asked if there was anything else on the offer and she smiled with the "oh boy, he knows" smile. FS was an extra 5,000 yen.

We hopped into the shower and she soaped me down and cleaned herself off and we met at the bed and she initiated it and we began to kiss. Lots of DFK. She attacked my nipples and went and licked my balls and dick before giving to a great BBBJ. She was open for pretty much anything and kept the mood fun and light. She used my name throughout, talking dirty in Japanese and just making it fun and interesting. After round 1 we cleaned up, talked and went back for round two. Same level of service and fun. She was just a great girl.

Sounds like this place has a lot of Taiwanese girls on the roster. She was off to vacation with a few of them from next week.

Anyway, 100 minutes was 22,000 plus the 5,000 for the FS 5,000 for the LH room. Not super cheap, but it beats the soap as you get a young girl who is a lot of fun in a more convenient, less sterile environment. I'd do that again for sure.

Thanks for the review. Did you order on the phone in English? My Japanese is good in person but on the phone I freeze up so ordering in English is preferred.
I called, ordered in Japanese. It was a lady who picked up. Very little conversation was needed, really. I told her I wanted to order a girl, named the girl, named the time and said where I was staying (i.e. LH and the room #). 20 minutes later the girl showed up.

You might be able to make a reservation on the erolin dot net site or tokyonights dot jp site. The mama san might also speak some English. I don't know. I didn't try.

Hope that helps.
do you have a link to the site. i will be in japan for the month of march and read these reviews but it seems the not many ppl put a link. that would be great thanks

Thanks for the report jojochachkins.
About those soaps, do can you share the names of the soaps that are gaijin friendly and still in operation? AFAIK, the to-go soap for gaijin Kings/Fantasy no longer accepts foreigners.
I visited a few over the summer - Make Up, Orchid Club, Mandarin, Ascot Club. These are a bit on the higher end and they add a 10,000 gaijin tax. So you're looking at 130 minutes for 55,000 - 60,000. Ascot Club was more. I wouldn't go back there now. But they were fun. There were others that were open to foreigners...kinpeibai was one I had an appointment with but had to cancel.

I think generally speaking the soaps will be more open to foreigners if you can speak Japanese and don't look scary to them. I hate to say it, but there will be some non Japanese ethnic groups that they will probably not serve.

One idea would be to go on a weekday night where there isn't a lot of business and see how many ask you to take a look at their girls. Then you know for sure they are gaijin friendly. I did this and was surprised that, at least during the summer, there were a few who waived me in. A lot didn't, though.

Another idea would be to just call them up. I did that and found that Make Up and others were gaijin friendly with the tax. So if you speak some Japanese then that might be a good course of action.

Hope that helps...
One other thought would be to check out tokyonights dot jp. They have a "current" listing of foreigner friendly soaps. Right now is only one. There used to be quite a few more that were higher end. Not sure if they have become gaijin un-friendly or if they just don't want to publicize it too much. Those were Oosama to Watashi. Oosama no Shitsu (I think?) and a few others.