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Review: Erina of Club Boo


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Sep 29, 2012
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I am a new member and this is my first review, so here goes! Yesterday I called Club Boo and ordered a girl. I had checked the website listed on the approved Escort Service list and I was not sure who might be available as it was after 10 on Sunday night. The man who answered the phone spoke English and asked me some questions and suggested Erina. I didn't see her pic on the Club Boo website but the man said she had big breasts. The cost was as advertised at 20,000 for 40 minutes for the basic service. He also advised me that full service was additional and had to be negotiated with Erina. I agreed and he said he would confirm by calling me back in my hotel room. I got the call in about 5 minutes and said Erina was on her way and would arrive in 30-40 minutes. She arrived on time and indeed had full sized natural breasts. I was shocked and thrilled. She is petite at about 5'1" with huge breasts for her size. She seemed genuinely glad to see me and responed like a real GF. We negotiated full service for an additional 10,000 and she was more than enthusiastic. Maybe it is unique for Japan but she was a great kisser and seemed to respond to me in a totally real manner. I think she would have given me BBBJ except that I insisted on using a condom. Same with full sex. Later she told me that she works full time in an office during the day and is available only in the evening. Thank goodness for those salary women! Erina was a geat girl and I had a terrific experience. Go to it guys!
Thanks for posting your review about Club Boo. It's been too long since we had a review for Club Boo.

Nasty Dolls and Club Boo have been known to offer up girls that were not shown on their websites. So, that's not so abnormal for them, but it looks like you had some good results without seeing what you were getting beforehand. The negotiating has been a normal point for Club Boo, so thanks for pointing that out.

About the condom usage, good for you on that. Overall, it's risky doing anything BB or uncovered. So, keep that rule going!

Again, thanks for your time to submit the review. We all appreciate it!
Did you use a LH with Club Boo or your hotel room?
Hotel room. it worked out fine. There was even a small thrill when room service unexpectedly delivered bottles of water.
Thanks for the review. You sure it was Erina? They have a Rina listed on there currently, but no real details. How was her face? When you say she was petite, do you mean she was just short, or that she was slender with sizable breasts? Thanks again.
I could have gotten the name wrong. I did ask her to spell it for me but I dont speak any Japanese and her English was limited and I may have misunderstood her. Her face is not extremely pretty but her body is a knock-out and she is petite and slim with large breasts.
Cool, thanks! I haven't tried Club Boo yet, and I'm trying to branch out a little beyond Asian Mystique...
I think I met her as well, that's the name I have in the memory bank at least.

She is small, and her breasts are very nice and very real. She looked to me late 30's but still had a MILF in my mind so it worked for me.

Similar exp, called, and said someone would be over in 40 min, same price for FS as you for the basic course. Great shower was very comfortable cleaning all of the filthy bits. And had no issues with a bit of touching and lite for play in the shower.

She spent an extra 5 min in the bathroom getting herself ready.

Moved to the bed, some DFK, light fingering, which she was very responsive to. She got wet very fast, and seemed to enjoy it. Because we had such a short time I didn't go for DATY but I would have imagined that it would have been okay. She was natural but not wooly at all.

Bit of BBBJ then with some cover. Good skills there, she had no issues with me playing with her during that.

Started with CG, then missionary. You could tell she was overplaying the exp a bit, but it wasn't over the top, just playing the part I'm sure.

She kept saying in Japanese that she was enjoying it and was grabbing my hips with some force. Glad I knew what she was saying, her English was good, not great. My Japanese is very basic.

After a shower, another real good clean job, and done.

She left her scarf, which I tried to return but could not find her in the hotel lobby at all.

All in all a great time. Would see her again any time.

Body 8/10
Bj 8/10
Breasts 9/10
English 5/10