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Review: Kitty (meeeeyoooow!)


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Jul 29, 2011
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Executive summary: curvy, free-spirited young thing with limited escort experience, but off-the-charts DT technique. May turn out to be the next Manami. Keep a watchful eye on this rising star!

I booked a dinner date with Kitty, emailing her several weeks in advance, and nailing things down well ahead of time. I'll bet she is very busy with email, but she was always responsive as we set things up. I wouldn't normally risk 4 hrs for a first date, but between her splashy entry to TAG and the stellar reviews she's racked up already, it felt safe. I'm glad I went with my gut.

On the day of our meeting, a travel delay led to arriving at my hotel just 20 minutes before the scheduled time. I rushed to my room, quickly showered/shaved/brushed, and I reached our agreed upon meeting spot only 2 minutes late. Had I checked my email during all of that, I would have found Kitty's message saying she was running a few minutes late, and this would have saved me some back and forth looking for her. But, we eventually found each other, and after casual introductions that included a nice hug, we set off for dinner.

Kitty definitely looks like she knows her way around, culturally. If you didn't see her face, you might assume she is just another Tokyo office girl (though you'd be unlikely to miss those curves :)). We quickly found a nice Italian restaurant, and settled into getting to know one another over some casual food and a bottle of wine (she does love chardonnay!). After agreeing on some confidentiality ground rules, we bantered freely, and by the time we left the restaurant, I think we were warm and comfortable together.

As we prepared to leave, Kitty pulled out a mirror and freshened her lipstick. I don't know how I had missed it before then, but I realized then what luscious lips she has. I had this intense urge to kiss her right there, but I subdued that, reasoning that there would be plenty of opportunity once we got to the room.

We walked the short distance back to the hotel, and were in the room in no time. Kitty politely asked to use the toilet, and while she freshened up, I worked on getting the lights right and getting the music going, and then she appeared. She sat on the edge of the bed and told me she was really nervous. She'd been reading my best-of reviews, and she was wondering what I would be writing about her. Well, let's put that to rest: it's all good :)

Taking her hands, I helped her stand, and we had our first kiss. Kitty was still nervous, but that didn't prevent her from starting my engine within seconds :) I asked about a shower, and realizing she had come directly from work, she opted to quickly shower alone. She came out a few moments later in her lingerie, and we got down to a few hours of focused and vigorous playtime. Friendly tip: make sure you are well rested before meeting her, guys. She will make you want to push the limits :)

Kitty is a very enthusiastic partner. She clearly loves sex, and I think she came several times over the course of our workout. And I won't give a graphic step by step description, but I will say that everything you've heard about Kitty's DT technique is true. She is the bomb. I have never *ever* experienced anything like that. I gave Manami a 10.0 for BBBJ, so I guess I have to give Kitty something like a 12 (why I generally never give 10's). But the point is, Kitty will rock your world. Meeeeyoooow!

Is she perfect? Of course not. She's young and new to the escort scene, and Manami could certainly teach her a thing or two. If you look at her website, you will see from her non-PS'd photos that she does not pretend to have a fashion model's body. But she is cute, smart, curvy, enthusiastic, up and coming, and maybe the world's next BJ champion. Keep your eye on this one.
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