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Discussion in 'Escort Service Reviews' started by tattoojp, Jun 19, 2014.

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    Date: Sunday 06/15 Morning (Happy Time Course)
    Provider: Lola
    Contact Info:
    Type/Location: Hotel Casablanca ¥4,500
    Language Specifics: Japanese and english.
    Session Length/Fee: 90 minutes/ ¥22,000
    Physical Description: Early 20's, blond very hot body.
    I love blond girls so I decided to check this girl.
    Lola is a cute girl in her early 20's. A lots of DFK and Daty.
    BBBJ was in the menu for ¥2000. She is talkative and very funny.
    She did sumata in the first round and she accepted COF in the second round.
    No FS for now.

    I will repeat
  2. Goiter

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    Did you ask for the FS and get turned down?

    And when you called they knew you were a foreigner?
  3. meiji

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    For language specifics, it would be nice for people to say whether they booked in English or Japanese, and if the girl spoke only Japanese.
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    I've tried this place before when I was abroad a year ago. When booking go there in person because I'm pretty sure they don't speak English very well or at all. Unless you speak fluent japanese or enough to you know what your doing, then call. In any case I always go there in person and never once been rejected even when I told them I came from America. So first thing the guy behind the desk will show you pics of the girls working that day, after picking they will give you the company's card that you need to call to confirm which love hotel/hotel and the room number you are staying in. After 10-20mins or so the girl arrives at your room and it's fun time from there. FS is usually offered by every girl there for an additional 15,000 yen a pop but you have to ask for it otherwise it's just the standard course described in the first post. If you try this place I recommend Rika who reminds me of a blond younger version of the red women from Game of Thrones. Pretty face, body and great attitude but she's usually always booked except for that one time I got her.

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