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Discussion in 'Escort Service Reviews' started by jojochachkins, Jul 12, 2011.

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    I went to Make Up - - for another soapland experience and had a good time. Make Up is part of the Mandarin group of soaps - including Mandarin and Orchid Club. They advertise themselves as a higher end establishment and price accordingly. Though I would say they are one of the more reasonably priced higher end establishments. They are gaijin friendly, but much more so if you can speak some Japanese. I don't know if they have girls who can speak English or not. I asked if they get foreigners and they said that they don't get very many. The girl I chose, Kana, said she hadn't had a gaijin customer before. Overall these places I think are hurting. There are so many of them in Yoshiwara that I can't imagine that they all can survive this.

    Anyway, they are having a "special" right now across all three of the companies, where the entrance fee is waved and for 130 minutes you're charged 50,000. With the gaijin tax, it's 60,000.

    It was a bit of last minute decision to go so my options were somewhat limited. I chose a girl who was available from the website and reserved my time over the phone. They picked me up in Ueno - at a spot that seems to be a haven for guys being picked up and dropped off by Soapland operators. Lots of single dudes standing around waiting for black sedans and white minivans to pick them up. Easy to spot if you realized you were in the same situation.

    The girl I chose was Kana. She is about 153cm in height, curvy, and had a pretty face. She was a really bright and cheerful girl. Very talkative, which was nice.

    The play was great. One of the funny things about P4P is how immediately the moaning begins at the moment you touch them. Uh, ok. But done correctly I think can be additive and not overly dramatic or distracting. Kana was good. She was playful and took her time. She didn't seem to have much of an agenda and seemed open to whatever.

    So, bed play, then washed up. Then we went to mat play. It really is something to experience. It's nothing like a massage, but there is just something that feels good about having a soft body sliding up and down your body. It was a nice experience. Began round two and ended up on the bed after a while.

    Time went by fast. Nice girl. I got a ride back to Ueno station and made my way home.
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    Once again, geat to see another new review for somewhere I haven't heard of. Really appreciate it!
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