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Discussion in 'Escort Service Reviews' started by tinpans, Jun 26, 2014.

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    Date: May 2014

    Provider: Mako of Asian Mystique

    Contact Info:

    Type/Location: Love Hotel in Shibuya

    Language Specifics: Reservation made completely in English with Craig at Asian Mystique. Mako is also fluent in English.

    Session Length/Fee: 120 mins - 35000 yen

    Physical Description: Mid 20's, long hair, very slim sexy body. Photos on web site are accurate.

    Details: Phoned Asian Mystique and set up an appointment with Mako. Craig took the reservation and was very helpful.
    Next day met Mako at the arranged time and proceeded to a love hotel in Shibuya.
    Mako is a very sweet girl and is fluent in English, so no problem making conversation. Started off with some small talk and then proceeded into the bathroom for some shower play. Gentle rubbing and washing was a big turn on. Next into the bedroom and more gentle kissing and cuddling, I think Mako could sense that I was not a frequent punter and quite nervous, so she started to take control of the situation. Rolled me onto my back and started kissing my whole body. By now, I’m fully aroused and ready.
    The details will remain private, but I’m sure you guys can imagine what happened :)
    Finished up the session with a bubble bath, caressing Makos lovely breasts.
    I was completely satisfied.

    Recommend AM: Yes
    Recommend Mako: Yes

    I'm a frequent reader of this forum, but rather infrequent punter and poster. Hope to contribute more experiences in the future when I’m next in Tokyo.
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    Thanks for the review of Mako. I was wondering how she is recently.

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