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Mar 3, 2011
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I read some other reviews on here for Manami and decided to give her a try. The reviews are spot on.

Manami is wonderful, that's all I can really say. She's a more mature and experienced lady. When she arrived, she was dressed in a fairly plain outfit. If you saw her on the train you might think she was cute, but nothing more. When she began to undress I was happy to find how incredibly sexy this woman is. She's curvy, but absolutely firm with gorgeous breasts.

Her calm nature immediately put me at ease. Other's have given detailed accounts so I will save it. She really was amazing, engaging and so extremely talented I wish her the best.
Thanks for the confirmatory report. Your screen name alone conveys a lot (to Gort!). I am beginning to think that I should give this lady a try.

Does Manami do CIM?

I don't think anyone mentioned it on the reviews.

She will do CIM but does not swallow, if you ask her by email, she'll provide a list of things she does and does not do.
She will swallow, but it might depend on whether she is comfortable with you. I am a regular so maybe that makes a difference.
Fully agree with everything said above. Manami is lovely, relaxed and relaxing, great English and great oral skills. CIM seems okay if you ask nicely.
I guess, I also have to join the Manami fan club. She was the first escort I met (so I obviously did my homework before trying anyone out). I met her in spring this year, and was hoping to meet her again. I met her at a cafe (she paid for my tea and biscuit!) and we had a nice relaxing chat, about various issues (including my motivations to go and see her). Even though she already had 2-3 appointments scheduled for the day, she agreed to see me. That was very nice of her. I wish her the best in the future.