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Jun 30, 2011
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Has anyone has tried Minami of AM?

Usually, I would take a shot at a relatively new girl and try her for myself, particularly a petite girl as these are my type. But I am a little cautious with Minami because her photos on the AM site seem to show some severe scarring or birthmarks on her upper right leg and knee. The photos also seem to be strategically shot NOT to show off her legs.

Asian Mystique - Minami

Has anyone tried Minami, or can shed light on this?

I have had her and she is petite with big breast. Easy to pick up and take in the air and likes to cowgirl and doggy. The scar or blemish was an old pic it is not there. She is good but very reluctant for CIM. Have you tried Lili? Just how good was she? I am interested.
Thank you for the info on Minami. I will book her ASAP!

Please see my review of Lili posted here. She is great and I have repeated. Highly recommended.

PS. Is Minami shaved?

Not shaved but not shaggy. I think the Jgirl trend is to leave a little on the top:). But definitely a good time. Hey, send me a private message about Lili. I want to know about anything I should expect or not expect from her. Thanks
mawjav - Just joined the community a few days ago and spotted your link to Asian Mystique. Thanks for posting it I will be calling them.
Hmmmm... I can't seem to book Minami of AM. I tried 3 weeks ago and was told she was taking time off to rest. I tried again this weekend and was told much the same story. Has anyone booked Minami recently? If it is the case, this might be the first time in 3 years of using AM that a girl I haven't booked before is refusing my booking. I have heard other stories of certain girls not accepting bookings with certain guys, which is fine. It is up to the girl. But, well, why me!?
Ah! Minami is currently unavailable. It says so on the AM site. My mistake. Sorry.
Ah! Minami is currently unavailable. It says so on the AM site. My mistake. Sorry.

They need to put that text below the picture.

Everyone glances immediately at the picture and misses the top text... that information should be in bold letters in the bottom info section.

Sorry you had so much trouble mawjav.