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AM Review: Risako of AM

Discussion in 'Escort Service Reviews' started by mawjav, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. mawjav

    mawjav TAG Member

    Jun 30, 2011
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    I tried new girl Risako of AM recently and had a very good time, so I thought I'd share.

    She arrived on time and nicely dressed. Quite tall for a Japanese girl, I'd say the 168cm on the website is accurate. Not a super-cute face, but attractive nonetheless. She was nervous as she told me I was her first booking. Her English is very good and she's both intelligent and humorous, so we could talk freely as the date progressed.

    Once checked into our love hotel, and after a cigarette each, we hit the shower. Risako is well-built, with a solid figure, no fat at all, but firm and curvaceous in all the right places. Her breasts are quite full and firm, her stomach flat, her waist narrow, flaring to full hips and a nice bottom. Her pussy is trimmed, not shaven but not bushy.

    Shower play was minimal, but effective. Once we hit the bed, a sex toy appeared and she immediately spread her legs and started to masturbate. Obviously, I joined in, going down on her for a little DATY which she absolutely loves. Watching and listening to her pleasuring herself got me so hard. She performed excellent BBBJ as I fingered her, before I popped in her mouth. She took CIM hungrily and had now relaxed into her first booking completely.

    She confessed she hadn't had sex in a while and was very horny. Never one to disappoint, I was soon feasting on her pussy again, before slipping on a condom and taking her missionary. She kept whispering erotically about how big I felt inside her, rubbing her clitty with her vibrating friend, cumming multiple times as I shafted her through some really hot sex until I could hold back no more and let loose my second pop.

    We relaxed with a smoke, chatted, she was full of smiles at having enjoyed her own release of pent-up sexual energy. She was soon massaging me back to life and we had a long, slow screw, first with me spooning her, then full DS. She moaned and groaned and played with herself throughout as I bucked into her firm bottom and got off a mind-blowing third pop. Finished....

    Attitude: 10/10, can't fault her enthusiasm or personality.
    Service: 10/10, she performed everything I asked for with a cheery smile.
    Body: 8/10, quite statuesque, a little too well-built for my tastes, but very trim.
    Breasts: 9/10, firm, full, quite large, sensitive.
    DATY: 9/10, I prefer clean-shaven, but tasty, tight and wet throughout.

    Overall: 9/10. All in all then, Risako is a fine new addition to AM. I recommend her highly to those of you who prefer a taller girl.

    I will repeat.

    Happy punting!
  2. kitsune

    kitsune TAG Member

    Jul 29, 2011
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    Jan 3, 2020
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    Mawjav, you are my freakin' hero, man! On your recommendation, I've booked a long session with Lili. Here's hoping it's even half as good as yours have been! I'll report back once the deed is done :)
  3. TokyoSpirit

    TokyoSpirit TAG Member

    Sep 11, 2009
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    Dec 17, 2016
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    Mawjav - as usual, thanks for a great report. We sincerely appreciate it.

    Kitsune - looking forward to your update as well.

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