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Review - Sayuri From Kansai Cherry Blossoms


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Sep 13, 2013
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Hello TAG Friends,

This should be one the best GFE I ever had!

I have a wonderful experience with Sayuri's friend Eri in Tokyo months ago.
So a Rendezvous with Sayuri becomes a MUST in my trip cross Kansai.

What you read and see on "Kansai Cherry Blossom" is true and correct.

Weeks ago, I met Sayuri during my stay in Osaka. There is no barrier from the first moment, when shy steps into hotel room. Sayuri makes me feel like dating a girl friend from the first second - this is really a magic!

Sayuri is a slender girl, not chubby - exactly what I like! Full with female charming.

She speaks good english, after some minutes talks she leads me to fondle her beautiful leg before we take shower together. Sayuri enjoys sex very much. We have made a wonderful, magic and unforgettable Love.
Like Lady Gaga's new song - "Do what U want" (with HER!)

Same as last review, I don't want to go into details. But you can image by yourself, when you make love with a girl who will fulfill all your Erotism! Sayuri is so good, if you are looking for great GFE and wonderful sex encounter.

Sayuri, thanks for making me that night so enjoyed!
And see you again definitive when I come to Osaka!
Not "She speaks good English." She speaks English well.

But for review the thanks.