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The pals are not what they scream.
Feb 27, 2014
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I had been keeping an eye on Hipness in search of Erika. I logged just after 3:00 today to see she was 'available' today, along with Rina. Having the afternoon free I hightailed it to Uguisudani. Found a LH etc. and called the man. Erika was booked solid for 40 minute session only up to 11 p.m., I was told. Hope she doesn't burn out… But the impressively talked-up Rina was free so away we go for an 80 min session!

Rina is 5 ft-nothing in bare feet and has a nice compact body. Very nicely put together, and she has the most adorable, small behind! Lovely soft velvety Thai skin. I'd say she was early 30s. Nice sensual mouth. Once we have worked out the details it was into the shower first, of course. Nothing too hot there but nicely soaped up.
Anyway, we played with music and lights and then jumped starkers into bed. She cuddles up. I wanted to take it easy and just literally feel my way around slowly because 'it' has a very short fuse first up. But Rina was very hands on, straight away! I had to get her to back off a bit! She was okay with kissing, not really deep but nice and she got better as she definitely warmed up. She started on my nipples and worked down to a BBBJ which was nice with little nibbles and some attention to the jewels. I blame 'nerves' and maybe too much close attention - I popped off far too quickly!! Weird thing is it takes me ages to do so the second time so while waiting to rewire to the detonator I was overjoyed to give Rina a bit of attention, savoring her yummy parts and she really enjoys herself. She has a nicely trimmed small triangle there.
I brought my own condoms as the basic Japanese ones are uselessly small.
Rina likes to be in Mish I think but we went through as many variations: CG, RCG, DS - she even slipped her legs between mine for better feel (or maybe it was defense!). In Mish later we had her legs up over the shoulders - she is flexible and it helps her being short in stature. She later - this was taking while - slipped a pillow under that delicious bottom of hers. In Mish she likes to wrap her tongue around your nipples, which is fantastic. Throughout she was very vocal. I'd like to think that while at first they were 'service' she was soon enough into the serious swing! She was really keen to grind up and keep me right there. In short - she is very eager and willing! Other reports 'count' 'pops' besides their own, but I can never tell if they do or not but I do know that Rina did not suffer…
Another BBBJ and HJ session but it just wasn't my day. I need more cooking time during the day, I guess, but it wasn't for lack of Rina trying!

Rina was really friendly. She did say 'no' to CIM but I actually don't blame her. She was eager and a really willing participant in anything else and it sounded like it. She was quite liberal on the lube cream to 'ease' things, though. Past reports had said she was a bit small, so while it was not a problem you do need to be careful, I think.

I would go again as I have 'unfinished business' but also because she was lots of fun after she got used to me. Others await, however. I would recommend Rina for sure.
Face: Cute enough, but as I said, I'd say in her 30s
Body: 8/10 (but reminds me of my favorite Japanese AV gal so I am biased)
Kiss: 6.5/10 (I grade hard on kisses)
BBBJ: 7/10
FS: 8/10
Vocalics: 10/10 (but no nutty screamer, no whimperer either)
Attitude: 9/10

I was disappointed not to be able to catch Erika, but Rina was really good (I think if she had not been an option I would not have bothered heading over).