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Sapana - Iidabashi-Kagurazaka Tokyo - Nepal/Indian Food

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Aug 23, 2009
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I'm going to start of this forum by talking about one of my favorite places to have lunch at. Personally, I like the smaller, out of the way shops where the food is decent and it's not too crowded.

Part of my job involves working in the Iidabashi/Kagurazaka area, which has a very nice selection of places for lunch. The variety is very large for a small area, with everything be located in a short walking distance from the train station.

Today, I'm talking about "Sapana" - It's a little lunch spot that is about a 5 minute walk from JR Iidabashi (飯田橋駅) (Sobu Local Train) - West Exit (西). (Click Here for Google Map)

The food is your typical Nepalese variety with a daily selection of curry items. Each dish comes with rice, salad, nan and the main curry choices with a choice of drinks. I always enjoy just your basic chicken curry and nan combinations, so what they serve for lunch is plenty for me. One of the notable things that I enjoy about their food, is the ability to choose your taste for spice. When you order your curry, you can specify level 1 through 10 of spiciness. I usually stick with a 4 or 5, tastes good for your average lunch. They also offer additional nan with your lunch, for free.

The cost runs a usual average of about 900-1100 YEN depending on what you choose. My usual lunch set is 950 YEN, generally very affordable.

If you are in the Iidabashi area, I recommend that you stop by and try it out. During the weekdays, it is advisable that you should arrive between 11:30 and 12:00PM to get a table quickly. After 12PM you will have to wait for a table or you may choose to get a take-out dish instead. Turn around time is very quick.

The shop is run by the owner, one waitress & usually two cooks. The shop is located on the 2nd floor and has about 38 seats. I've included two pictures of the location and a sampled chicken curry set. I did not get a chance to take an interior photo, I do apologize for that.

Click Here for the G-Navi Link! This link provides basic service detail, a coupon, map & menu.


Sample Dish (Chicken Curry, Tandoori Chicken Salad, Rice, Nan & Drink)

Finally, got the pictures updated. :D Sorry for delay.
I had seen this thread a long time ago - finally got to try this place and it was an excellent lunch. It is a small shop, so you'll have to get there early at lunch time to get a good seat. They do have bento take-out as well. The lunch itself was good and the price wans't too bad for the amount of food you get. Good choice if you are near the Iidbashi JR station.

I also noticed that one of my favorite soba shops has a place right near Sapana, that's cool.. will have to remember that when I come back to Iidabashi.