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Security token?


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Sep 15, 2009
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i am getting a security token error message sometimes while browsing the forum here. any reason why? is there something wrong?
Where is the error happening at the most? Clicking on a thread? Give me some additional detail to help track it down. Also, try clearing your cookies and browser cache as well We recently upgraded the software that reverted two templates, which could possibly cause your problems.
I JUST had this happen. Trying to view my control panel in FireFox 3.6. Never seen this error before. It forces to me some error page and the URL looks like I'm trying to change something in the control panel, even though I had not gotten there yet. Strange...
it was usercp from the navigation bar and when I login. this is firefox too. hope this helps.
Ok. Either Eliah or myself will take a look at this today. I found some other reports about this that sound very similar. If clearing you cache and cookies do not help, please let me know.
We have now resolved this issue, please report any further errors you may encounter.

I apologize for the problems.