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    Service and/or Provider's Name:
    Sexy Cat – Saki

    Date of Encounter:
    March 2018

    Contact Method:
    Walk In

    Appointment Length & Costs:
    50 minutes Y9,800

    Fashion Health, Kanda

    Language Notes:
    100% Japanese

    Details of the Encounter:
    I was visiting Tokyo for business. After an almost full day of business activities on a Sunday, I snuck-off for some fun.

    I picked Sexy Cat for logistical reasons, as well as the fact that I believed that it would offer a cost effective session with a skilled MILF-like girl. I also like the fact that this Fashion Health offers some of the services featured at Soaplands. I wasn’t disappointed, especially for Y9,800. I spoke Japanese the entire time, so I’m not sure if anyone speaks English at this shop.

    When I arrived in the early evening, I asked for Mei (recommended by another member of TAG), but she was off that day. I was assigned Saki. I’m glad the manager picked her - Saki is a friendly blue collar neighborhood girl (下町女性), who has friends who live in New York. We had a lot to talk about, so we seemed to be establishing good session chemistry and Saki seemed comfortable with me. Saki is not the youngest girl in Tokyo fuzoku, but she has a pleasant appearance and she is one of the more slender girls at this shop.

    I told Saki that her photos on the website caught my attention (I was embellishing). Saki replied that her Sexy Cat website photos make her look much better than she does in person. I think it was Japanese modesty as her website photos are only slightly enhanced, mostly for a slightly warmer appearance. I told her that she looks fine in person (which is true, by MILF standards). Although, I think that Saki went overboard with her implants: later in the session, when she was on all fours, I noticed that her right nipple was pointing backward instead of downward.

    Saki was great when she started with the onsen-like shower rinse-off. She was gentle-yet-thorough when she sat me down on the Tsukebe chair and gave me a thorough scrubbing. Then into the tub, where she pointed-out that that it’s of 1950s era construction and size. In the tub, I slid 80% back out and onto the ledge as Saki slid in; and then she performed some excellent BBBJ, ball licking and magical hand work, all with great eye contact and a warm smile.

    Onto to the bed, where I urged her to lay down first. Saki is okay with oral attention and DATY. When I asked if digital insertion is okay, she said yes, provided that I am gentle (優しくて ください, she said). However, Saki told me that she doesn’t like anal licking (気持ち悪い, she said). I politely complied.

    Given all the money that Saki spent on her rack, I thought that I might as well worship it orally. As I licked and sucked her nipples, I slowly and gently inserted my index finger into her kitty. Wow! She is very tight! I eventually moved onto DATY, which Saki seemed to enjoy.

    Then came my turn. Saki definitely has a skilled tongue, lips and mouth. Saki reinitiated BBBJ and skilled shaft licking, ball licking/sucking and then she added some excellent Anal licking. She then alternated BBBJ and shaft licking. Then I asked if ローションフェラ is okay and she said yes. I was pleasantly surprised that the nuru lotion was warmed. It definitely enhanced the BBBJ lotion fera experience. We switched to 69 and I eventually popped- CIM. Saki eventually excused herself to spit it out.

    We finished with a sweet affectionate shower/wash-off to end the session.

    Final Thoughts:
    Recommended, Will Repeat.

    Closing Comments:
    Schedule permitting, I would definitely visit Sexy Cat again and choose Saki. Similar to veteran baseball pitchers who develop finesse-driven routines to prolong their careers, Saki has some nice tricks of the trade and techniques. I’m sure there are other MILF-like girls at Sexy Cat who have similar skill sets. I still want to try Mei, whom others have recommended.
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    She told me she's from Osaka and she does understand a little English but we spoke only in Japanese. "Blue collar neighborhood girl" is a very good assessment. She was a little heavy on the makeup and her rack is impressive, her BBBJ decent and she is definitely a pro.
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    I had pretty much the same thought when I was with her a few years back. I'd go for her again but am rarely there during the day.
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