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Jul 29, 2010
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I am currently on a business trip to Tokyo and stay in the Shinagawa area.

Does anybody know good place for adult entertainment around?

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Hi Nemics,

There's not much in Shinagawa as it is mostly a business and residential area.

Most foreigners head to Roppongi which is on the Oedo and Hibiya subway lines.

Are you looking for anything specific?
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Roppongi is the night life spot for foreigners.

If you have a Japanese friend, you can get into some other areas of Shinjuku. It's not a anti-foreigner, you just need to speak Japanese to get in the door.
new to this site looking for a female for tonight anyone up for asome fun?
You have some Gaijin freindly places in Shinjuku, more precisely the kabukicho area.
Try Hinomaru-Caba. It's a pink salon (blow job). Last price was 8000 yen for 20 minutes. More than enough for a BBBJ.But you can stay as long
To answer (kinda) the OP's question, Shinagawa has nearly non-existant action, but it's right on the Yamanote line, so easy enough to go up/down to Ikebukero, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku or across to Uguisadani.

Roppongi is the night life spot for foreigners.
Jesus. Are people still recommending that hole as a place for getting action? I don't think I've gotten any quality pickups there since the Lex was cool, maybe a couple here and there when Xanadu was still open in Azabu-juban.

I stay away from Roppongi (and Itaewon in Korea, for similar reasons) simply because it is the "foreigner area" and overrun with skanks and slags, which is all right if that's your thing.

Course, Roppongi Hills is a different story, but a little more higher class; gotta have money to get anywhere.

Train nampa and coffee shop nampa are still relatively easy for a freebie. If I strike out there, Shibuya clubs or in front of Ikebukero Tokyu Hands are the next stops on the free poon highway.