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    Had a disappointing encounter at Edinburgh.

    I went to Prima Dona today hoping, though not really expecting, a session with まなみ ( I've had my eye on her ever since I saw her profile on the website months ago. She looks absolutely stunning, according to my tastes. But, I was never able to try, as I was in Korea, until this weekend.

    I eventually found the place, and the guy ushered me in. His English was decent. After sitting me in the waiting area, he came back with a laminated sheet with translations of common phrases that they use and three pictures. He didn't really need the laminated sheet, as his English was adequate. まなみ wasn't among the photos he showed me, so I asked if she was available, showing him the picture on my phone. He said "no." They looked busy (there were about 5 other men in the waiting room). It's possible that she doesn't accept foreigners, but I'd bet that a foreigner with Japanese ability might have better luck than I did on a slower day.

    Among the photos he showed me were さやか ( and しおり( I don't remember the third, although she was pretty. I preferred さやか from among the three, but she wouldn't become available for another 2 hours. Not wanting to wait that long, I took しおり, who was my second choice. I was pleasantly surprised that, even as a foreigner, I qualified for their promotional prices and so opted for 120 minuted at 38K yen.

    I didn't realize this at the time, but しおり worked at their sister soap land, edinburgh. The man explained this in Japanese. I didn't know what he was saying at first, but after he left, I found しおり's photo in the books he'd been pointing at and noticed the Edinburgh brand in the corner. After a few minutes, they took me from the waiting room and escorted me to a van to take me to Edinburgh. About half way there, I realize I didn't have my umbrella, which I'd given to the man and Prima Dona. I started thinking that after I was done I'd have to figure out how to explain that my umbrella was at the other place. Then, I noticed the driver was holding the umbrella. "Wow, I thought, these guys are pros."

    Got to the other soap land, was escorted to the waiting room there. After about 10 minutes, I was brought up stairs to meet my girl. First thing I notice was that her face wasn't what I expected from the photos. Her skin was darker and cheeks were fatter. She looked a bit older (no big surprise) and her makeup was kinda thick. But, not too big a deal. However, once in the room and the dress came off, there was a problem. She was much bigger than I'd expected from the photos: she had a pot belly bigger than mine! It's possible that she's had a baby recently and hasn't lost the weight. Whatever the case, this was a big turn off.

    She was a good sport, especially considering her English was limited. I cannot fault her effort: it was admirable. Her technique was only average, though. She did have some moves with the nurd gel that were memorable, but not much besides that. She put a condom on while we were still nuru'd up on the air mattress. It wasn't really working, though. The condom was too desensitizing, and there wasn't enough friction with all the nuru gel. Plus, I'd jacked off that morning a few too many times from thinking about my upcoming trip, so on the air mattress is became clear to me that I wasn't going to cum there. She made a good try of it, though. I eventually asked to move back to the bed, which we did after showering.

    On the bed, I gave her some oral. She seemed to like it, but wasn't extremely responsive. She put on a new condom and I went inside. This was much better than the first. We went for what seemed a long time, but I still couldn't quite cum. She seemed to cum, though. She shivered at one point, which I something I hadn't experienced before. I eventually wore out (and was worried she might be getting the same) so I pretended to cum and relaxed on top of her. I didn't want her to feel bad, so when I pulled out, I covered the condom with my hand as I was taking it off so she wouldn't see that it was empty.

    She dried the sweat off my face, and then we laid and cuddled for a while. After that, we went on to round 3. After a little bit of BBBJ action, she covered me up and I went inside. This was the best of the three. She was warm and wet inside and it didn't take me long to cum.

    Then was cleanup. In the end, I think I only got about 90 minutes, rather than the full 120. I hugged her goodbye. The staff drove me to the station and gave me my umbrella. And, that was that.

    So, overall, not a total ripoff, but disappointing experience. The service from her and the staff were great, even though her technique was only average. It really came down to the fact that, despite her photos making me think otherwise, her looks just really didn't work for me much at all. I had to consciously override that fact to get over the hump. I wish they'd be more honest about these things. There can be just too big of a disparity between their level of attractiveness to you in the photos and in person.

    I still plan to go back for another soap land visit before I leave Tokyo. I'm tempted to try Landmark or Don Juan (they have some really cute, petite looking girls there). But, price-wise, they may just be too far out of my budget. まなみ apparently changed her schedule and is working tomorrow as well, but I doubt the result would be different for me, and I don't want to suffer another disappointment. So, I might just go back to Darling Harbor. Judging from the pictures, none of their girls are super-hot in my eyes, but they seem adequate. On my last visit there the girl was attractive (but nodt quite my type) and her attitude and technique where impeccable. Plus, I've never seen a bad review for them, so I like those odds.
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    The one you originally wanted is also on my list! I've never been to a soapland but she is one reason for me to try.

    Anyone else tried her?
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    Dream 7000 has always been on my personal avoid list. Something about the rather rundown state of the building has always put me. Thank you for giving me a legitimate reason to not go there. I have also suffered that "let me take you to my sister shop" after y0u routine from another soapland in Fukuoka. My best soapland experience so far has been Ascot Club. I have only tried 2, so far.
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    i have had bad experiences with dream 7000 myself and dont recommend any of their services

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