Squirting Girl Wanted

If you want to travel to Hon Atsugi you could use Madam Coco and request Kaori. She will provide a great nuru massage & as she works your arousal and you work her's she will let will let go & provide you with a sweet taste. Was with her earlier this week & I got a mouth and hand full at least six times. You just have to keep her aroused and she will provide. See my post on Kaori from Coco. I do suggest at least 75 -90 minutes.
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Contact Madam Waka at bethnalgreen106@yahoo.co.jp and request Kyoka. She will truly wet your sheets! I emailed and asked her the name of the girl I used and it was Kyoka. Tell Madama Waka Mike sent you so she knows you are looking for a squirter and not just a wet twat.

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I have only met one genuine squirter .... but she is happily married now (not to me unfortunately/fortunately). Unbelievable experience....at the opposite end of the spectrum from a woman that says she is a squirter but really just loses control of her bladder during orgasm.

Where is Madam Waka located?