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Jul 19, 2013
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I am new in Tokyo.
Need to ask for an advice.. How should I start my escort "career" in Tokyo? :confused: Should I buy ads in papers or online? Or better go to agency?
Most women that post here are already in the business from abroad if foreigner.

Metropolis rarely has some ads but since prostitution is against the law, girls usually write "Want sugar daddy" type of messages.

I know three agencies that offer foreign ladies:

* ...and Bunny's... but at the moment I don't have their website.

You can find a good pool of customers here I believe, I volunteer ;).
I'll volunteer as well. Are hole in 1 and jo-kyoushi Gaijin friendly? As in no Japanese skills? It would be nice to experience a western girl every once in a while.
It's pretty unlikely. Most bookers probably aren't going to understand English, but you could maybe call/email to ask them. I would say the general rule of thumb is if the org doesn't have a website that mentions foreigners welcome or has a website that's in English, they aren't going to be foreigner friendly unless you speak at least some Japanese.
Well... I am a Japanese national so maybe others won't have the same chance. I will share my experience:

I only used one of the 3 agencies, their office is just a small room in another building. They don't have rooms by themselves, so you will have a little chat with the front guy. You need to get past through that first.

I am a person who likes to be prepared and if I fail, at least I fail with decency. So I would suggest to go well dressed, maybe that can help.

Once I met the woman which was between 25 to 30. I quickly found out that she wasn't from Spain as the agency and their website advertised. We started to talk and play, but before any action, I told her that I have been abroad to many places and that I can speak four languages, once I finally convinced her, she opened up and told me personal stuff.

By the end of the session, she gave me her private phone number and asked me to become her boyfriend. Not really but more like saying: "-You can become my customer and contact me without going through the agency again-". To what gave me the impression that girls there may not mind at all. Since the girls are foreigners, I don't think they will discriminate other foreigners. Just be good at the front desk office...

...and don't do this: