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Aug 28, 2023
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So I was big into sugar before coming to Japan. But with all the options here didn't really try it untill recently. I jumped on and realized it sucks really low pool and mostly traveling escorts who jump on the site to find customers. That or girls traveling short on funds so also trying seeking.

I realized sites like seeking and the other one mentioned here aren't really utilized by Japanese. If you speak and write Japanese there are a ton of "dating" clubs that are basically sugaring clubs.

One of the ones I found is universal there are several but this one was forigener friendly was the address. I also realized that those type of clubs wouldn't be open to me as they all require a copy of some form of identification and I didn't feel comfortable giving it up.

If you didn't know the way these clubs work is simple. You sign up they conduct and interview. They do speak English so that helps as my Japanese is non existent. They ask a bunch of questions and preferences. Then they give you membership options I can't remember but it was like bronze to gold cheapest was 33k a month the most expensive was like 330k a month.

Now that cost gives you access to the pictures of the girls and basic portfolio. With the higher level access more information becomes available. Ie girls more likely to sleep on the first date.

Once you you pick the the girl then you pay another fee to the club for her to show up. If she doesn't show up you get your money back or credit to another date. The staff makes the contact you arrange a first date location then go from there. Also with the higher tiers you can get recommendations access to more stuff from the staff of the best options ie more likely to sleep on a first date.

Once you have met the girl it's now between the two of you from that point on and the clubs isn't involved anymore. It's slightly more expensive option but from what I read it's much more successful option than seeking or the sugardaddy site..
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