"Sugar Bowl"


Kids, don't try this at home!
Nov 17, 2010
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Anyone have any experience with or information on so-called sugar arrangements (Sugar Baby - Sugar Daddy) in Tokyo and the associated websites (SeekingArrangements.com, SugarDaddy.com etc)? In some ways they are like an upscale and classier version of the Craigslist scene and in some ways they are quite different and unique...in the States, I mean.

The Japanese do have some dating sites that are for that purpose you describe, I don't know of any English sites that cover Japan.

Thanks for the reply!

Do you know/have any of their URLs or are you just aware that they exist? Even a Japanese language one might be of some use to those of us who are basically illiterate in Japanese in one way or the other.

I can easily imagine the sugar bowl appealing to many Japanese. It has a way of making the situation/relationship blurry and implicit...an approach to awkward situations/topics which is widespread in Japanese culture in many many contexts.