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Sep 24, 2009
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This is more of a rant than a post where I expect to get a response. It's not worthy of Facebook embarrassment, so I'll just keep this gem right here.

Because of working hours, I don't have a life. I'm a fairly attractive white girl, nothing super about my looks or fashion but I'm certain floating at least at the average level. The problem are some of my j-girl friends who seem to get jealous when j-guys want to chat with me instead of my j-girl friends. If we're hanging out, usually the curious j-guy will come talk to me first before really engaging the other girls.

THEN... i get this oh-so-familiar vibe from one of my friends, who I would only go so far to assume that she's interested in the guy who's chatting ear off. Not like I'm putting a leash around his neck and calling him "mine" - I don't have time for this mess right now. :confused:

Going to have a heart-to-heart with this friend and see what we can work out. She's a great gal, but I guess just really insecure. (Big surprise... not really...) I admit, she's hot but she never can hold on to a relationship.

Worst of all... the holidays are coming. It's bad enough that Christmas decorations are up all over the place already. Damn, I hate working these hours and no free time.


(thanks for letting me bitch!) :p

Don't worry so much about what everyone else thinks or what you THINK they are thinking!

You are THINKING too much, lol.

You're hot, do your thing and let them do their thing. If they get jealous too bad. Do you value the friendship that much to put up with the petty crap???

Don't be such a submissive-bitch Karen! :p
I'm a woman, I over-think everything! You should know better than that...

Flattery will get you no where mister! If I were so submissive, I wouldn't be bitching!

One more hour to go... then it's HOLIDAY time! Woooooooooooooo!

btw, don't call me a bitch! :p

Why do women have so many 'friend' issues with other women? Men don't have this problem! Sure, we're competitive too but not like that.

I think Chris was just messing with you Karen, hehe.

Well, I know a fair number of Japanese ladies that are gossipy and very nit picky with some of the most unimportant details. I think it's just truly a woman thing, universally!


One phrase I live by is, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." I think this is perfect for this situation. If the jealous girl is your friend, they will get over you talking to someone you both just met. I'm not saying completely shut them out of the conversation, but proactively introduce your friends to the guy who came up to you. Lead the conversation, and guide it to where you want it to go. I think non-submissive women are sexy, submissive is just fun sometimes for role-playing. Just take control of the situation, and you got it in the bag.