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IND TMK - Manami


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Jan 10, 2010
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This is kind of an old update on Manami, back before the earthquake. I haven't been back to Japan since then and I'll be going back in July after a lull in overseas travel as a result of the disasters. I've got a few other reviews to post up as well and I do apologize that they are quite old.

Manami already has a number of reviews, but I haven't read a recent one so here's my latest report on her. (I'm sure not much has changed...)

What I like about Manami, she's always on-time, dressed appropriately for going into either a love hotel or even a high-ranking hotel. That gives me a lot less stress to worry about being seen with an escort. You can't really tell she's a working girl until you get her behind closed doors. :p

The last time I saw her, she doesn't waste anytime and takes a very energetic lead. Sort of like seeing a GF after a long break away from one another. She was dressed in a skirt, dark blouse and as I said before, just looks like you average Japanese girl, aside from her larger breasts. (real, not implants...)

We started with a shower together where she gives a good wash and a little shower play before getting out and heading off to the real fun. She's willing to try different positions and her oral is one of best, hands down. She keeps her southern parts well trimmed, maybe she's had some hair removal there or she just keeps it well trimmed with no stubble. (In other words, I didn't scrape my face against stubble hair when going down there...)

She's kind of short, which makes her easy to handle and have a lot of fun with. On this trip, she got me off twice, once by regular FS and again with her fabulous mouth. (covered service) I only booked her for 90 minutes this time around, but it was a very active 90 minutes and I was exhausted by the time she left me.

Other points: She has very smooth and silky legs, a great smile and I just love watching those tits of hers bounce around when things are really heated up. She's just the right size for me, I don't like those skinny j-girls but she's not chubby either, just proportioned in the right spots. Her tits are the only thing that look like they don't belong.. not many J-girls have large, natural tits like hers. (If they do, they're usually chubby or near the line of being overweight.)

At the end of the session, we washed up again and she kept the charm going right until she walked out of the door.

Manami gets a 9 out of 10 from me. I give her one point off from a 10 just because she couldn't offer me more than 90 minutes that night. Not her fault, I guess, but I could go for more of that.

AFAIAC, she's the gold standard and is worth your time and money. :D

Any more specific questions? Just ask...

1st Edit: SORRY! I totally forgot to mention, Manami's English is more or less fluent to American English. She's a great choice if you don't want to worry about communication problems. (If you're a native English speaker)
Mark, glad to see you again and thanks for the latest review on Manami.

Have a safe trip over this month.