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Tobitashinchi - Minami

Discussion in 'Esute/Pink Salon/Massage Reviews' started by IchiShiki, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. IchiShiki

    IchiShiki TAG Member

    Jun 16, 2018
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    Aug 8, 2018
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    Service and/or Provider's Name:
    Daruma (だるま)

    Date of Encounter:

    Contact Method:
    Walk in

    Appointment Length & Costs:

    Shop location, 1F

    Language Notes:
    Intermediate japanese

    Details of the Encounter:
    Hi! I consulted the reviews in here before making my decision to go there, and it helped me quite a lot.
    So, I hope sharing my experience there will help some of you guys out there.

    I didn't have that much time on that day, so I just had a quick sweep of the first road (seishun doori). It was only 12:30 PM and some shops were still closed.
    However, every single shop would call me as soon as they would see me.
    I'm half, but I've been told that I really look like a foreigner, so I don't think my weird eyes did trick anyone there.
    It was still quite funny to hear them call me, then shouting "Whatever!' in japanese as I walked away.

    After reaching the end of the street, I decided to go to the first shop I saw. The cute big breasted I saw there caught my attention at first sight.

    The Yaritebaba and the girl waved to me again as i approached and I asked once more if it was okay. They both insisted again that I enter.
    I removed my shoes at the entrance, the girl holding my hand as were going upstairs.
    As we reached the small room door, she insisted on having a closer look at my face. She claimed to be impressed by how cool I looked, that it was her first time with such good looking guy and asked where I was coming from.
    We then entered the small tatami room with a single futon, a small table with a few magazines, and a bunch of other stuffs I didn't pay attention to. There was also some tissues, baby towels, lubricant and condoms next to the futon.
    We sat on the ground next to the table and she handed me a laminated paper with the rates, while introducing herself. Her name was Minami. As I was hesitating on which length to choose, she told me that most were going with the 20min course.
    Since it's my first time (in that kind of place), I went for the 30min session. After thanking me, I was asked to undress while she was getting ready. She then left for around 45s and came back with some tea and snacks.
    I was told to lay on the futon as she started to lean over me. She then rubbed her large breast over me while giving me a handjob. She asked if she could lick my nipples. I agreed, even if i'm not a fan of having my own nipples sucked. I asked if I could touch her breast and she agreed. Few moments later I had the famous covered BJ. It was as good as a covered BJ could be, but that can't be helped.
    Finally, she put some lube on my junk, put it in and started riding me. As she leaned on me while I was fondling her breasts, she said it was okay to suck her tits if I wanted. They tasted bitter at first, indicating that she was cleaning them before action and that it was most probably included in the course. After that we went missionary, and I finished in doggy. She was moaning all the time that it felt good and how "big" I was.
    Once done, we stayed still a few instants and she complimented me again at how good I was. She removed the condom and cleaned me up. Since we still had around 15min to spend, she asked me to lay down on the futon again, and hugged me on the side while resting her head on my chest. That was maybe the most unsettling part.
    We kept chatting there for the rest of the time, about why I came to japan, what kind if job I was doing, the usual conversation topics. She told me that she was working there for half a year already, every weekdays until 5pm, so she could get enough money to have fun, maybe start studying chinese again and go live in China, or about her concerns about living there because of the polluting and the sino-japanese tensions.

    She would also just stare at me, saying that I was definitely the best looking guy she ever had sex with, that she was fond of my stubble beard, and that she didn't even understand why I had to come here to have sex in the first place.
    I replied that i was mostly out of curiousity, and that it was my first time in this kind of place, having heard how good it was. She sounded quite happy to know that she was my "first"...

    The very noisy alarm then sounded for the first and the second time. We got dressed back quickly, and she gave me the famous lollipop. I told her I already knew the meaning, and she was quite impressed that so many people were aware of that.

    We chatted again a little while we were going down slowly. As I reached the entrance, I found another girl standing there, ready for the next customer. I waved one last time at Minami-chan and left, a bit lost in my thought.

    Final Thoughts:
    Recommended, Will not Repeat.

    Closing Comments:
    I had a very good time. The service quality was far above what I expected. I've been living in Japan for several year and, no doubt, they know what customer satisfaction is about. Even if I was somewhat nervous at the beginning, she was very gentle and made me feel confortable almost instantly.
    I don't know if her compliments were honest, and I don't think I should care.
    But it made me feel that I had more of a "girlfriend" experience than plain, mechanical sex (which was good too).

    However, I think that's it for me. I'm probably never going back there, as it was just something I wanted to try.
    Yet, I'll remember my little Minami-chan and wish her the best.

    (Sorry for the long post)
  2. Shiai

    Shiai TAG Member

    Jan 8, 2018
    Last Seen:
    Sep 22, 2018
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    Interesting! I've been there a couple times before and it's hit or miss really for service during my experience. A friend and I went there a couple weeks ago. This time we had bad service for both of us. Although we did go during peak hours 9-10pmish..can't exactly remember the time if that matters. Would you recommend going during the day time lol?
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  3. scrying

    scrying TAG Member

    Oct 28, 2016
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    I would definitely recommend going during the day time if at all possible. I finally took the plunge after browsing the area on a few business trips to Osaka and the ladies (and handlers) seem much more broadly open to foreigners earlier in the day. For reference, I'm an American, black male, average height, generally cute :p , and my hit rate on invitations there on a Sunday afternoon was definitely over 50%. It's probably the best FS quality to value to time ratio to me in Japan, tho I haven't tried the other Shinchi area.
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  4. IchiShiki

    IchiShiki TAG Member

    Jun 16, 2018
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    Aug 8, 2018
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    Well I'm no expert, but I think going during day time has its perks.
    Less customers means you can take your time to decide. Plus, girls there will definitely be fresher (and probably in a better mood), thus more eager to offer a good service.
    However, I guess that "best" girls will be working in the evening, since that's the core time for this kind of business.
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