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Discussion in 'Questions, Answers & Warnings' started by shawnmac, May 29, 2010.

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    Hey all,

    New poster here. I'm visiting Tokyo early June and will be training for a soccer team. I'm going to be very tired, and could use a recharge one of those nights ;)

    I've been in email contact with both ND & AM. Mako seems like a very good choice, but some of those girls on the ND site definitely caught my eye. Juri, Anna & Yoko all look great but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with ND?

    I'll be staying at a pretty nice hotel in Tokyo, with Jacuzzi ;). So basically.... What would you guys do in my position?
    Soccer Mac
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    We've had a lot of problems with [closed] actually prodcuing the girls they are advertising. (i.e. always saying they are not available) Instead, they sometimes suggest girls that aren't listed.

    I guess you really like the slim Japanese type? Mako is one of those really thin girls... For reliability of service quality, AM is a good bet most of the time.

    Well, anyway... the sites we have listed here are the most known and trusted. [closed] is about to fall off our list if we dont' get some positive feedback.

    Club Boo, Manami (TMK) and Asian Mystique are steps above [closed] at this point.

    Let us know who you choose and how things go.

    Good luck with your Soccer Training here in Japan.
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    I support TokyoSpirit's response, pretty much fully accurate.
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