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Mar 16, 2014
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I signed up UC trial based on the comments in this thread.
In the members area there are 900+ girls listed for the Tokyo area. It looks like the amount of EN conversational speaking is limited, but of course more than 100+. I can schedule my time quite flexible. Making my fist "date" planning in Tokyo - would you think it is nicer to go on an afternoon or evening setting? Is there a website for good dinner locations and maybe a website for recommended LHs? Which station would be good to suggest somwhere in Tokyo? Ebisu?
btw. the system at UC changed from the numbers which have been discussed (1,2,3,4) to a letter system A to E. It is pretty straightforward to understand what the options are.
Which station would be good to suggest somwhere in Tokyo? Ebisu?

Shibuya and Shinjuku are good options because there are lots of restaurants and lots of love hotels close by. Ikebukuro too, but I always feel Ikebukuro is a bit ... trashy. In general the other love hotel areas are not so good for eating places.

Ebisu is probably the best. Great stylish restaurants, small bars and there's a few love hotels tucked away discretely on this block

Remember: "Time spent on reconnaissance is seldom wasted"
Thank you! I had to check the word "reconnaissance" and I like the approach. I wont explore the love hotels and romantic dinners by myself though ... I guess. I will definitily check out the area - actually I walked Ebisu a little today bit but really couldnt spot anything from the street which would appeal to me as a nice restaurant. But I didnt go inside.

For other people on the thread who need to learn about areas and words: "Reconnaissance is the military term for exploring beyond the area occupied by friendly forces to gain vital information about enemy forces or features of the environment for later analysis and/or dissemination." (Wikipedia)
I'm glad to hear that others are trying UC; I'm very glad I joined.

I generally agree with psd's comments on areas of town and particularly on his point that areas with a lot of LHs don't tend the best places to eat. It often makes sense to move from one area to another between dinner and the LH. For example, there are good places to eat in Omotesando that are a short taxi ride (taxis make a better impression than taking the train) from all the Shibuya LHs.

The main new point I can add is that it is a good idea to take into account your date's preferences in picking what to eat and in what part of town. If you can find out from her profile or by passing Q&As back and forth through your UC contact, it makes for a good start to go with what she likes to eat and what parts of towns she prefers or wishes to avoid. Some of the UC women will not do dates in certain neighborhoods, presumably because they live or work in the area and want to avoid bumping into someone they know. Another location consideration is her (and maybe your) travel time back home. The evening has to end earlier if she has multiple changes and long distances in her trip.

Finally, if I may ask @Roderick , are you hoping to meet a Japanese woman or one of the foreign/gaijin ones?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the experience.

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I am not sure why you are thanking us, but you are welcome, meiji. (Let it not be said that we gaijin lack good manners.) :D

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Thanks for all the useful info. I'm thinking of givingUniverse Club a try soon.

One query: is it Japanese or Foreign run? Anyone know?

Thank you
It is a Japanese company. I believe they currently have a single native English speaker who is primarily (maybe entirely) responsible for dealing with their English speaking clients.

Note that you can give UC a try by having one "setting" (arranged date) without paying the membership fee. Unless you choose a woman who has specified a very high setting fee, the cost is quite modest (in the range that you'd pay for low to mid scale p4p encounters) and gives you a good idea of how their system works.

Many thanks for the quick reply. Assume it is the English speaker who completes the interview?
Yes, at least it was in my case. In fact the only UC employee with whom I have ever had contact/communication is their English-speaker, although the person holding this position changed back in September.