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Jan 31, 2011
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In april I had 2 meeting with girls from AM. One was with Erika and the other with Satsuki. Both instances were great and the girls were really friendly. I can only recommend both of them. Erika is very nice and has very good english skills. She is very pleasant and make a fantastic date. Satsuki is very sweet and makes for great company.
loulou,thanks for the info but about Erika,can you give a bit more info?time of course,service she gave(if did CIM,etc),and if that was in your hotel or LH.Im interested about her too,but i read other reviews in the forum about her,and was no so good.

thanks for the update on am people.
however, i have a question... erika previously had a reputation for bad attitude.
so i am confused, is this the same erika or has she really changed her act?
satsuki, don't really know anything about her. she does not have many detailed reviews.
could you please give us more detail of your encounters?
I had a whole night course with Erika, and that is the same Erika as the one on am site. She was very punctual on time. She was very pleasant throuhout the night. She has a great personality, and if you show her the same respect as you would any girl that you date, she does return the favor and more.
She is very open to please and while i do not want to stay way from details, she was very enjoyable on all front. I will have a repeat with her.
For Satsuki, I must say that she was the best time I had by far. She is really kawaii and I loved the dress she had on. If you like akirabara girls she is one for you. Sexually she is a dynamo and she enjoy it, and it shows. She is also very affectionate if you take care of her. Her english is really not bad at all, and not only does she have a great body, thst is if you like petite, but she is also very smart. The combination of the two made for a great evening of sex and relaxation.
Some of the comments on her had some critics about her not leading, taking charge. While some maybe true at first, I did find that if you take the time to know her and make her feel confortable she opens up and is a real blast.
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Erika - I had her a LONG time ago. I think 'sharp' would be the best word to describe her attitude. I certainly hope she's improved, she had a banging body back then and was a lot of fun.

Either Erika refused me previously or she was really just busy. Haven't seen her since that last time, probably 2-3 years ago.

Satsuki - no effing clue. :confused:
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