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    November 2018

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    60 min / 25000


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    Hi everyone!

    This is my first message here, please excuse in advance my inexperience in all the specific verbiage used here! But as I didn't found anything about this city, I thought I would write one review.

    I stayed a few days in Wakayama city (lovely city by the way, I quite recommend it just for the very beautiful castle area ;).

    I was walking in the main city's shotengai while I came across "many" soapland (around 10 maybe?). I didn't expect this here. The area is called Shinsaikai machi. I honestly wasn't thinking at all about going at a soapland (always wanted to try one but never had the courage to do it).

    However Wakayama being a very quiet city, very few people in the street so I decided to have a look. I think most shops are not gaijin friendly (they greet me and once saw I am a foreigner, suddenly stopped talking to me). But one of them (Ponytail) talked to me in English (so I think that even if you don't know Japanese, you can enter this one), and answered in Japanese which made communication easier. Maybe other places could accept foreigners if you speak Japanese, but I didn't try.

    I thought that it was now or never... so decided to step in. The staff was absolutely wonderful and nice. It really helped to "break the ice" and they made me feel very comfortable. They first asked me 120 minutes for 50 000 yen, but this was definitely way outside my budget. They finally offered me 25 000 for 60 minutes. After checking on the Internet, the normal price was 20 000, so I think I had a gaijin extra.

    I was shown a very cute girl in picture (don't remember the name, sorry), but I was 100% sure it was Photoshopped. No choice. After a few minutes I was brought there and meet her. She was absolutely surprised to see a foreigner and didn't stop laughing for 1 minute, which helped a lot relaxing the mood. Room was pretty big, as I imagined for that kind of places.

    Unfortunately, the experience itself was not very good. First she was far from what I expected physically. Very chubby, and at first view I thought she was Philipines (but she wasn't, unless she has such an awesome Japanese she managed to trick me?). She admitted she was new here, and that she used to work at a herusu in Osaka, and came here because it's more profitable. I was quite sad to not have the mat game that I imagined (she told me 60 min was too short and as she was a beginner, she was not allowed to do this). Hopefully, she was very funny and her constant smile made me somewhat felt happy. But sex experience itself was very so-so.

    In overall, I think experienced people here will find this place bad (although it depends on the girl I suppose). But for those who would like to have a first experience, may be good. It's just a 1 hour train from Osaka, area is super quiet, close to zero foreigners... There is also a very nice onsen place 150 meters from the soap area, which can make a very relaxing day trip :).

    Final Thoughts:
    Recommended, Will not Repeat.

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    Wow... this is a TAG first... Wakayama Soapland!

    Thanks for taking the time to write this up despite the overall experience!
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